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You can bet on +Millionária through the Caixa Loterias website. The new betting modality will have its first contest on May 28, with a minimum prize of R$ 10 million, but it is now possible to play online games with payment via credit card. The ticket price is the same as that charged at lottery outlets, R$6, but it is necessary to accumulate at least R$30 for the game to take place. To play at + Milionária, the player needs to select six tens from 01 to 50, in addition to two clovers, numbered from 01 to 06. The other contests of +Millionária will always be held on Saturdays, with 10 prize bands. Check out, below, how to play the lottery +Millionaire by computer.

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Bets for the new +Millionaire modality can now be placed on the Loterias Caixa website — Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes/ TechTudo

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How to bet on +Millionária, Caixa lottery, over the Internet

Step 1. Access the Caixa Loterias website ( and select “Yes” to confirm that you are 18 years of age or older;

Lottery +Millionaire: Caixa only releases bets for people over 18 years old — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 2. In the “All products” section, locate the “+Millionaire” and go to “Bet Now!”;

Lottery +Millionaire: how to play in the new modality on the computer — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 3. Fill in your bet by selecting six tens. If you want, select “Complete the Game” so that the system chooses random numbers;

+Millionaire: lottery accepts from six to 12 dozen — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 4. Select two clovers you want. If you want, choose “Complete the Clovers” so that the system chooses random numbers;

You must choose two clovers to complete the game at +Millionária — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 5. Select if you want to activate the “Surprise” function and the number of tens in the game – remember that bets with more tens cost more. Proceed to the “Add to Cart” button;

User can opt for a surprise modality at +Millionária — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 6. After placing the bets in the cart, select “Go to Payment”. Remember that it is necessary to accumulate at least R$ 30 for the system to release the bet;

Finish the bet on +Millionária to proceed to the payment — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 7. Log in with your Caixa account, informing CPF and password;

You need to log in with a Caixa account to access the Lottery — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 8. Check your bet and press the “Go to Payment” button again;

Same price as the lottery: +Millionaire starts at R$6 — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 9. Enter your credit card details and complete the payment using the “Buy” button.

Payment of bets is made with a credit card — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Ready. Now you know how to bet on +Millionaire.

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