“One Million Things” Is The Drama The “This Is Us” Fan Needs

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Image from “Um Milhão de Coisas”, a series that follows the strand of “This Is Us”. Photo: Disclosure / ABC

News summary:

  • “One Million Things” Is The Cliché Drama The “This Is Us” Fan Needs

  • Series approaches real life in the same vein as the darling of the genre

  • With the end of the Big Three plot, it’s worth embarking on the ABC plot

A dash of everyday chronicle with an engaging plot is the formula of “A Million Things”. Currently shy in the Globoplay catalog for Brazilians, the North American production launched in 2018 is the perfect option for the orphaned hearts of fans of “This Is Us”, which reaches the last arc of episodes.

Written by DJ Nash, who became known for producing, the series takes place in Boston, USA, and follows the lives of a group of three men in their early 40s (and their families and relationships) after the death of Jonathan Dixon. , the fourth member, by suicide – this is not a spoiler as it is the central theme of the first season.

Unexpected entanglements and the way each member deals with the loss of the guy who seemed to be the pillar of friends dictate what happens next. They come to revisit their weaknesses and understand that not everything is what it seems.

Actors Ron Livingston, David Giuntoli, James Roday and Romany Malco in

Actors Ron Livingston (Jonathan), David Giuntoli (Eddie), James Roday (Gary) and Romany Malco (Rome) in “A Million Things”. Photo: Disclosure / ABC

With stories worthy of the approval of Manoel Carlos, only one Helena was needed to resemble the plots written by the Globo author, but I guess Delilah, Jonathan’s widow, is a strong candidate for the position. She goes through many ups and downs at the same time as she faces the bar of assuming a pregnancy by the deceased’s best friend – who she had a relationship with before he died.

Delilah Dixon, played by Stéphanie Szostak, in

Delilah Dixon, played by Stéphanie Szostak, in “A Million Things”. Photo: Disclosure / ABC

Focused on the life trajectories of each core of characters without losing the thread that unites them all, the drama brings an intimacy demanded by the audience that likes to see themselves on screen. Themes such as depression, sexuality, cancer, racism, pandemic and family relationships appear in the drama with a concern for the approach not to be too superficial. You identify with the reproduced pains.

And there is no shortage of long seasons to marathon. In the first season, the fan of “This Is Us” can dive into 17 episodes of pure drama to get distracted for good from the end of the darling of non-fiction plots. The second season has 19 more episodes, followed by 18 episodes in the third wave. In addition to the fourth season with 20 episodes to wait for a fifth wave that could happen soon.

Not to forget to name the cast, we have David Giuntoli as Eddie, Romany Malco as Rome, Allison Miller as Maggie, Christina Moses as Regina, Grace Park as Katherine, James Roday Rodriguez as Gary, in addition to Stephanie Szostak as Delilah, Tristan Byon as Theo, Lizzy Greene as Sophie, Chance Hurstfield as Danny and Floriana Lima as Darcy. Check out a teaser for the first season:

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