Paraná beats Portuguesa-RJ and wins its first victory in Série D

Marcelinho scored the second goal from Paraná in the match. Photo: Oscar Felipe

in your best game in this Series DThe Paraná beat Portuguesa-RJ by the score of 2 to 0. This was the team’s first victory in the competition, and it now occupies the second position of group seven, with seven points. Lusa Carioca, in turn, parked at the three points and bitterly finished last.

With a great start to the game, Tricolor opened the scoring after six minutes, with shirt nine Carlos Henrique. The team created a lot on the sides of the field, especially on the right flank, and attacked the visitors throughout the first half. Thus, at 35 minutes, Marcelinho extended the score and left the Paranistas at a great advantage.

THE Portuguese came back better for the second stage, with a high number of submissions. In search of a reaction, the visiting team tried to pressure, but did not take advantage of opportunities. Thus, with a more reactive stance, the Paraná managed the result and showed defensive security to keep the result.

THE Tricolor enter the field again next Sunday (15), at 3 pm, in front of the Black Pearls, for the fifth round of Série D. Coach Paranista has all week to prepare the team and correct mistakes for the next challenge.

Strength on the right side and great first half

THE Paraná started the game very well, trying to attack the visiting team. Tricolor created danger mainly on the right side and pressured Lusa Carioca’s exit. And after six minutes, Carlos Henrique opened the scoring for the Paranistas, assisted by Everton Britoafter good individual play. This was the striker’s second goal in the competition.

During the first stage, Omar Feitosa chose to retreat a little the lines of his team and Portuguesa began to balance the offensive actions. In the 27th minute, Lusa had their first great chance of a draw: luan headed very close to the goalkeeper’s goal Philip. From then on, the game got busy, with both teams creating danger shots.

Then, in the 35th minute, in another move originating from the right side, Everton Brito found Rafael Silva in the area, who scored for Marcelinho to score and extend the marker. The result meant that the coach Felipe Surian already made a substitution in the team’s attack: Pimenta came in for Andrezinho.

Paraná manages the result

The Usa Carioca came back better from the break and, with five minutes, had already submitted three times to the paranista goal. In an attempt to reorganize the team, at 10 minutes, Omar Feitosa placed Lucas Bochecha and Ueslei Brito in place of Vinícius Kiss and Carlos Henrique. At 12, goalkeeper Felipe made his first great save in the game, in a submission by Pimenta.

Portuguesa continued to pressure and push Tricolor into their defense field. With a good advantage on the scoreboard, the Paranista team started to bet on safety and to adopt a more reactive posture, playing with the result in their favor.

As time progressed, Portuguesa tried to put pressure on without much organization, but without success. The defensive sector from Paraná continued its good start to the season and prevented the visitors from starting a reaction. Thus, Paraná knew how to manage the result and keep the score from 2 to 0, decreeing its first victory in the Série D.

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