Rizek: ‘There is no definitive image to say that refereeing was wrong in Flamengo x Botafogo’; PVC reveals conversation with Daronco

With a sensible view, André Rizek opined on the program “Seleção SporTV” about the annulment of the goal of Gabriel Barbosa in Flamengo 0 x 1 Botafogo. despite the VAR confirm the impediment, part of the media is still questioning.

I didn’t see any definitive image to say the referee was wrong. It’s a very difficult move. There is no image to say that the technology was wrong and that it was a VAR error. It’s a matter of centimeters. Maybe if the ruler was the same as in English football, thicker line, it could be a nice goal. But I can’t pinpoint or see it,” Rizek said.

the commentator Paulo Vinicius Coelho revealed that he found Anderson Daronco at the airport and the referee assured that the decision was correct.

– Daronco approached us at the airport, PC (Oliveira) spoke at first (about possible frame choice error), Daronco said “he will find the right image and you will see that the decision was right. You will see the image and that goal was well disallowed”. I started talking about the concept, England widened the lines, understood that it was a way to privilege offensive action. Then I say to him, “Isn’t this more logical to happen, how do I advance football to be fairer like in England?”. He says “How are we going to explain to a club that invested R$100 million that lost a game for an error of one millimeter. Ah, in England I even whistle while sitting”. As who says that no one will fill their patience – completed PVC.

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