Russian climber dies in camp on Mount Everest

Russian climber Pavel Kostrikin died at Mount Everest Camp I, the first reported death of a foreigner on the world’s highest peak in the current climbing season, which began in March, a Nepali official said on Sunday.

Kostrikin, 55, died on Saturday at the camp which is located at about 5,360 meters altitude during a rotation on the 8,848-meter mountain, said Bhishma Kumar Bhattarai, an official with the Department of Tourism.

“The Russian climber fell ill at Camp II and died after being taken to Camp I,” Bhattarai told Reuters without elaborating.

Camp II on the normal southeast summit route on Everest is located at a height of about 6,400 meters.

Authorities said Kostrikin’s body would be taken to Kathmandu when the current cloudy weather improves.

Mount Everest has been climbed 10,657 times since it was first climbed in 1953 from the Nepalese and Tibetan sides of the mountain, with many climbing over and over again, and 311 people have died so far, according to The Himalayan Database.

Mountaineering is the main tourist activity in Nepal and an important source of income and employment. The country has eight of the 14 highest mountains in the world.

More than 900 foreign climbers have already received permits to climb 26 Himalayan peaks in Nepal, including 316 permits for Mount Everest, during the current season ending in May.

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