Samsung Galaxy S22 depreciates nearly three times more than Apple iPhone 13, report claims

The Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra, introduced just under three months ago, are having trouble maintaining their market value after launch. According to a report by the SellCell published this Monday (09), the depreciation of the trio of flagships from Samsung is much larger than the iPhone 13 models.

As the research points out, the South Korean smartphone line lost an average of 46.8% of its value within two months of its release. This index is even higher than the devaluation of the Google Pixel 6, which depreciated 41.5% after two months, and almost three times more than the iPhone 13 line, whose devaluation was approximately 16.8%.

The 128GB Galaxy S22 Plus had the worst value retention of the trio of Samsung with 53.8% depreciation over its original value of US$ 999, that is, around US$ 574. This means that the resale of a model in excellent condition can be priced at only US$ 425, that is. is, about 2,179.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, was better able to hold its value. The version with the most basic 128GB storage is down 41.7%, slightly less than the 128GB Google Pixel 6 Pro, which is down 44.2% over the same two-month period.

It is worth noting that lower prices for models in excellent condition can mean an advantage for buyers, and on the other hand, losses for those who have invested large amounts in newly launched models.

(Updated May 9, 2022 at 6:40 pm)

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