Santa Cruz coach vents and cites problems even with food: “the club is abandoned”

THE Holy Cross won the 1st match 2022 Brazilian Series D this Sunday (8) by overcoming the Atlético-BA by 3 to 2, coming back. At the press conference, however, the atmosphere was more tense, with a speech by the coach Leston JuniorexForestthe choir cast and the executive Marcelo InsuredexCeará.

In a show of unity, everyone stood together in support of the coach, who said that “the club is out”. The commander denounced situations of the Pernambuco team, such as lack of salary, lack of place for training, food and even ball for game activities.

“This is not where the club belongs, but it is where they put the club. To take it out, you need to work hard, unite, not stay on social networks, not keep threatening, not keep promoting a situation that doesn’t exist. Santa Cruz is the biggest shirt in Serie D, but what does that represent? If I don’t have a field to train, food, and I went to train with the game’s ball on game week,” he said.

In Serie D, Santa Cruz is in 5th place in Group 4, with four points: one win (Atlético-BA), one draw (Lagarto) and two defeats (Asa and Juazeirense). With eight teams in the bracket, only the G-4 teams are able to advance to the 2nd stage of the tournament.

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