São Paulo analysis: Ceni tests do not work, income drops and calls alert for the Copa do Brasil | Sao Paulo

Rogério Ceni surprised the São Paulo squad on Sunday, in the 1-1 draw with Fortaleza, at Castelão, for the fifth round of the Brasileirão, by choosing to start the confrontation with André Anderson among the holders. It was the midfielder’s first time starting a confrontation.

Before the game, Ceni explained that he would like to give him more mobility, putting him behind the forwards. This made Alisson act closer to Calleri and Igor Gomes to be more withdrawn. At first, the idea didn’t work.

São Paulo created little in the attack, had numerous difficulties in touching the ball and abused long shots for Calleri to fight with the defenders. For 45 minutes (plus extra time) just one shot, in the middle of the goal, without difficulties for Max Walef.

São Paulo struggled against Fortaleza — Photo: Kid Júnior/SVM

Given the terrible performance in the first half, it was necessary to make some changes. Luciano took on André Anderson’s spot, and Rodrigo Nestor left for Patrick’s entry. Still in the first half, Andrés Colorado had to be replaced by Pablo Maia due to pain in his right thigh.

The changes did not make the team make a leap in performance, but at least it was possible to have a more incisive team with more options in attack. At 11 minutes, Igor Gomes – who became the point guard – found a beautiful pass for Luciano to open the scoring.

The result made São Paulo jump to third position in the Brazilian Championship at that moment, and things seemed to fall into place for the team after the goal. The team kept possession of the ball and created more chances.

But a mistake, in the 23rd minute, made it all fall apart. Yago Pikachu advanced across the field on the right without the ball and asked for a cross on the second post to Juninho Capixaba. The full-back was accurate in the pass, and Pikachu hit a first-time shot, with no chance for Jandrei.

Fortaleza vs São Paulo — Photo: Lucas Emanuel/AGIF

The performance was a huge contrast to what happened in the last game away from home, for the Brasileirão. Against Red Bull Bragantino, in the third round, São Paulo had 21 submissions and gave indications that this was a new moment for the team.

On Sunday, there were five shots, of which only three went towards the goal. At the press conference, Rogério Ceni confessed that Tricolor lacked effectiveness and that it is a point that needs improvement.

The drop in income is a warning signal on the eve of a game that is worth qualifying for the next stage of the Copa do Brasil. And, despite São Paulo being home, Thursday’s match, at 7:30 pm, will be at Arena Barueri due to a show at Morumbi days before.

The team has had difficulties away from their stadium.

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With three days of respite until the duel against Juventude, Tricolor must take the best they have for the qualifying match. For the Brasileirão, the next game will be on Sunday, at 4 pm, against Cuiabá, in Morumbi.

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