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The 23 clubs in Series A and B that have not signed the Brazilian Football League, Libra, released a new proposed letter on Monday. Now, they declare themselves as a bloc and claim that they will not be present at the meeting called for May 12, at the CBF headquarters.

The teams scheduled another meeting, for the 16th of the same month, and later intend to invite the eight Libra subscribers to talk – the idea is that this will happen when there is a detailed proposal in writing.

The signatures count with 11 clubs that are disputing the Série A do Brasileiro, in addition to another 12 of the Série B. A curious fact is that the idea of ​​convening the meeting for the 12th at CBF came from one of the clubs that were aligned with the Forte Futebol, Internacional, but that now has not included his name among the signatories of the bloc.

At the same time, however, there are strong clubs in Serie A and B that have not signed the document in question. This is the case of Atlético-MG, Botafogo, Bahia, Internacional, Grêmio and Vasco. Some of them even spoke out last week with reasons for not joining Libra.

  • Series A and B clubs release note repudiating Libra terms
  • Serie B clubs and the 14 of A study Libra statutes

Brasileirão Award 2021 at CBF headquarters — Photo: Disclosure / CBF

The choice of the new date took place as a matter of logistics with the clubs involved, in addition to time for document evaluation. That’s what Sport’s president, Yuri Romão, explains, responsible for the articulation of clubs in Serie B.

– It’s not retaliation. This block is formed and we are going to formally sign this letter on Monday. It is possible that we will have other agendas by then, and we also invite the eight clubs to participate. To have an organized football, you need to have a balance of income – he says.

Sport’s president, Yuri Romão, has been responsible for articulating Serie B clubs — Photo: Anderson Stevens / Sport Club do Recife

Amidst the references of Série B, Grêmio did not sign the counter-proposal and also did not sign with Libra. Sought this Monday, President Romildo Bolzan explains that the club is still analyzing the scenario and has not defined whether it will participate in the meetings (for Libra or for the new block).

– It’s not ripe for us yet. Grêmio is not actively participating in this discussion. I know the document, but we have no decision on whether to move forward or not. There are many issues involved,” he explains.

President Romildo Bolzan, of Grêmio — Photo: Eduardo Moura

Regarding the released letter, the intention of the teams involved is to open a debate to try to reach a consensus with the eight clubs that signed the creation of Libra. They were: Corinthians, Red Bull Bragantino, Flamengo, Palmeiras, Santos, São Paulo, Ponte Preta and Cruzeiro.

The points presented for discussion in this counterproposal, in turn, are the same as previously disclosed:

  1. Revenue division of 50% equal, 25% by performance and 25% commercial, with objective and measurable parameters;
  2. Smaller revenue difference between clubs that earn more and those that earn less. The cap target will be 1.6 – in reference to the Premier League – but would start with a cap of 3.5 this first year.
  3. Commitment that Series B receive 20% of proceeds from the sale of broadcasting rights.

Internally, there is an understanding that – if a consensus is not reached with the Libra clubs – this new block should come together to negotiate revenue-related issues. Something mentioned in this Monday’s statement, inclusive.


In view of the latest events, the signatory clubs reaffirm their interest in formalizing the professional football league, with the aim of raising the quality level of Brazilian football, building a strong, revitalized championship and, notably, with a standard of equanimity in the conditions of dispute.

It is necessary, however, to point out that there will be no League without the union of the 40 (forty) clubs participating in the current Series A and B.

Some assumptions must be observed, having as a reference that: (i) the Premier League equally shares 68% of revenue, adding all domestic, international and marketing rights; (ii) the German, Spanish, French and Italian leagues distribute 50% of the revenue equally; and (iii) the difference in revenue between the first and last clubs respects the following limits: England (1.6x), Italy (2.1x), Germany (3.2x) and Spain (3.5x).

For the formalization of the League of Brazilian Football Clubs, the Signatories believe in the model presented below:

(i) Revenue division of 50% equal, 25% performance and 25% commercial, with objective and measurable parameters;

(ii) Difference in revenue between biggest and smallest club targeting the 1.6 cap over time (Premier League benchmark), with the cap of 3.5 from the first year;

(iii) Commitment that Series B receive 20% of proceeds from the sale of broadcasting rights.

The Signatories will make all possible efforts to bring together the 40 (forty) clubs and format the League, always on the basis of dialogue and reasonableness, also signing the commitment that, if there is no effective formalization, they will jointly evaluate the negotiation of broadcasting rights and other properties inherent to football and its respective competitions for the years after 2024.

The Clubs also inform that on May 16, 2022 they will meet in person in Rio de Janeiro to formalize the commitment in search of a balanced composition, and that, for this reason, they will not be present at the previously scheduled meeting at CBF, on the 12th of May 2022.

The meeting with the 8 (eight) clubs, depending on the will of the Signatories, will take place in the future so that the proposal described in this letter can be presented and debated, in an attempt to reach consensus.

  1. America Football Club
  2. Chapecoense Football Association
  3. Atletico Clube Goianiense
  4. Avai Football Club
  5. Brusque Football Club
  6. Ceará Sporting Club
  7. Centro Sportivo Alagoano – CSA
  8. Club Athletico Paranaense
  9. Clube de Regatas Brasil – CRB
  10. Capibaribe Nautical Club
  11. Coritiba Foot Ball Club
  12. Criciúma Esporte Clube
  13. Cuiabá Esporte Clube
  14. Sport Club Youth
  15. Fluminense Football Club
  16. Fortaleza Esporte Clube
  17. Goiás Esporte Clube
  18. Londrina Esporte Clube
  19. Sports Club Railway Worker
  20. Sampaio Correa Football Club
  21. Sport Club do Recife
  22. Tombense Futebol Clube
  23. Vila Nova Futebol Clube

Check out the clubs that have not yet signed with either side:


Check out the eight members of Libra:

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black Bridge
Sao Paulo

*Errata: the report mistakenly reported at 5:03 pm that Libra clubs would be invited to the meeting on the 16th. However, the information was corrected at 5:19 pm, as Libra members will be invited for a later conversation, still without a set date.

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