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Over ten years, a lot can change, especially when it comes to the digital universe, which is changing with ever-increasing speed. Thanks to the Internet, these changes can be remembered by everyone with a few Google searches. But what if there was a kind of “virtual time machine”, capable of transporting the user to a bygone era? This is the proposal of the website Ten Years Ago ( to take internet users to the digital world of a decade ago. In it, you can access the pages of famous newspapers, such as the BBC and The New York Times, as well as check out what was trending on YouTube or Reddit at that time.

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The platform allows internet users to access 14 different websites and see what was being published exactly ten years ago. As the page is updated every day, the nostalgic content is always fresh. By clicking, for example, on the CNN icon, the site is transformed into the main page of the newspaper and, accessing any of the news, the user will be redirected to the exact address of an article from 10 years ago.

Ten Years Ago allows accessing old content from several sites — Photo: Reproduction/Ten Years Ago

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With Ten Years Ago, it is possible to go through many facets of the Internet in the past. In 2012, the main political news involved the presidency of Barack Obama in the United States; in the gaming world, updates were published about the title and release date of the new Call of Duty, which would become Black Ops 2. On Steam, The Walking Dead series was one of the main releases on the platform, and the first Avengers movie was featured on IMDb.

Social networks with an “old” design are also displayed on the Ten Years Ago website — Photo: Reproduction/Guilherme Ramos

Distributed by the Internet Archive, a large digital collection on the Internet, the site is very intuitive to use. Upon entering the platform, the main page will display the options of web addresses that can be accessed, and it takes just one click to be redirected to a digital address from ten years ago.

It is also possible to see what large companies in the technology market, such as Amazon and Apple, were announcing at the time, in addition to remembering the “primitive” design of YouTube and seeing the differences that a decade provided.

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