The bank’s website had problems this Monday (9)

Customers report that they have been trying to access the bank’s website and app for days. On Monday morning (9), they remained inaccessible

the website of Federal Savings Bank had problems accessing the platform this Monday (9). Some users complained on social media that this instability lasts for days and that the bank’s application is also failing.

The bank’s application has been widely used for payments of various social benefits, such as FGTS, PIScredit card operations and application login.

For this reason, customers reported that operations such as Pix or bill payments were not working.

Downdetector over the Box

Second downdetector (a resource that monitors the status of websites and online applications), showed that instability has increased in the last 24 hours. On this morning of May 9, most complaints occurred around 11am.

Most reported issues

What does the box say?

In note, the Cashier announced that the Internet Banking service showed instability this Monday (09/05) and that the normalization of access should happen soon.

FGTS payments

Caixa started this week two payments of the FGTS emergency for more than 5 million employees. The withdrawal of up to R$ 1,000 will be released on Wednesday (11) for those born in April. On Saturday (14) the loot will be released for those born in May.

The government released the values ​​to improve the economy and help the population in this period of high inflation. Approximately 42 million Brazilians will be entitled to the extraordinary withdrawal.

The official application created by Caixa is the most complete resource for you to consult your FGTS information. After accessing the app, you can check the balance of all Fund accounts and also the balance of all existing FGTS accounts.

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