‘The Rhythm of Vengeance’: Action with Blake Lively that had the WORST OPENING in history is a hit on Netflix

After being slammed by critics (only 31% approval on Rotten Tomatoes) and becoming the WORST premiere for a film shown in more than 3000 theaters in the history of cinemathe action movie’The Rhythm of Vengeance‘ (The Rhythm Section) found its audience on Netflix.

THE spy thriller starring Blake Lively (‘Gossip Girl’) debuted at No. 8 among the most watched films in the catalogue.

The Rhythm of Vengeance‘ is based on the series of spy novels by Mark Burnell and revolves around a woman tormented by the loss of her family in a mysterious plane crash, who decides to take revenge into her own hands.

Watch the trailer:

The film failed at the North American box office, earning only $2.8 million on your first weekend. In addition, the feature also became the second-worst opening of the paramount for a film shown in more than 2000 screens, being surpassed only by the disastrous opening of ‘Action Point‘ ($2.3m).

Considering your budget $50 million, the film was considered a huge failure.

The film is directed by Reed Morano (responsible for the series The Handmaid’s Tale’).

Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Daniel Mays and Raza Jaffrey complete the list.

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