Understand if retiree needs to declare IR or not

There is a frequently asked question that generates many doubts about the Income Tax (IR) in Brazil. After all, who is retired need to declare IR in 2022? Yes. Those who are retired need to declare IR if they meet the same prerequisites common to all taxpayers. The answer was given right away so that there is no doubt.

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When does the retiree need to declare IR?

Many INSS retirees or pensioners wonder if they should declare the tax or not. The retiree needs to declare IR and if he doesn’t, he can commit the crime of tax evasion, like every citizen.

If the receipts of pensions and retirements exceed the total amount of R$ 28,559.70, the declaration must be made and sent to the Federal Revenue. This amount is the ceiling established as a cut to define who is required to declare and who is not.

Retirees need to declare IR and must pay attention to the rules:

If the sum of the benefits does not exceed the ceiling, the truth is that there are some obligations. There are two situations that can make the retiree or pensioner be obliged to declare, even with earnings below the ceiling.

– Property for lease

If the person owns a property for lease and the rent value (added to the INSS benefit) exceeds the ceiling, the obligation is exercised. In this case, the declaration must be made to comply with the rules.

– Do you have assets? have to declare

If the retiree or pensioner has assets that cost more than R$ 300 thousand, he must also declare the IR. Included in this bulge are bank investments, own car, own house and others.

Until when does the retiree need to declare the IR in 2022?

The period to declare the Income Tax (IR) 2022 started on March 7 at 8 am. All taxpayers who are Individuals (with CPF) must submit the declaration by May 31, at 11:59 pm.

To do this, just access the Federal Revenue website and download the IRPF 2022 program. Just fill in the data and send the statement correctly to the government’s internal system.

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