Vtor Pereira explains the criteria for choosing Corinthians and talks about the team for the Copa do Brasil

After beating Red Bull Bragantino and remaining at the top of the Brazilian Championship, Corinthians will have just two days to prepare for a decision in the Copa do Brasil. The team receives Portuguesa, from Rio de Janeiro, in search of a spot in the round of 16 of the competition.

In an interview after the victory, Vítor Pereira said that he understands the importance of staying alive in the three competitions played by Timão when explaining the criteria for climbing his team. For this, the coach stressed that it is important to keep the squad away from wear and tear and avoid injuries during the season. It is worth remembering that, a few days ago, the captain lost the steering wheel Paulinho after a knee ligament rupture.

Corinthians fans want to win every game. We have a responsibility to win whenever we can, to fight for three points in every game. We will try to stay alive in the three competitions, so the fourth game is decisive. We have to win to stay in the Cup. Make a competitive team taking into account the worn out so they don’t run the risk of injury. I have seen injuries in several teams, this does not happen by chance, it happens because they are worn out, the fatigue is intense”, evaluated the coach, before lamenting the exhausting calendar for the athletes.

Injuries happen, muscular, traumatic too, because when we are tired we make mistakes in some situations, we should take our foot off and don’t, then it hurts. This is because we cannot reason. I’ve been feeling my reasoning slower, because I can’t rest. There’s no day to switch off, not go to training, to get out of the box. Players feel it too. We’re going to make a team and try to win the Cup game, then we’ll go to Inter with a team that can play better or worse, but with spirit and for the three points, and then we’ll go to Boca. The fans want them to win against Inter, but also against Boca at Bombonera, and also on Wednesday… we will try to live in all competitions and think game by game”, highlighted Vítor Pereira.

Thus, Vítor Pereira said that he has not yet defined the starting team that will enter the field on Wednesday. The coach stated that he will assess the conditions of Renato Augusto and Du Queiroz, for example, as well as that of other players.

“A funny thing here in Brazil, it didn’t happen to me before… I have the need… I live the game in a very intense way, I have the feeling that I’m going to play too, adrenaline high. When the game ends, it seems that a truck passed by. I’m worn out. I usually used to say I need a day to pull myself together. Not here in Brazil, it’s impossible“, said Victor Pereira.

“Tomorrow in training I’m already asked to line up for Wednesday. This has never happened to me in my life. But it happens here. It means that I’m already defining the fourth team, which is fundamental, but let’s analyze, see who is in the best condition and who needs to rest. Renato and others, Du… Du has been doing 90, 90, 90 and the risk of injury is great. I can’t lose either of them. We have to manage, it’s impossible to have all the good games”, he concluded.

Corinthians decides the spot in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil this Wednesday, at 9:30 pm, at Neo Química Arena. With a 1-1 tie in the first leg, the team that wins the match in Itaquera advances.

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