10 movies and series to watch this Mother’s Day

on the day of today, May 08Mother’s Day is celebrated – and of course we couldn’t let this date go unnoticed.

In the entertainment world, there are several characters who play mothers, such as the iconic Dona Hermínia in the franchise ‘My mother is a piece’which won national and international audiences, or Regina Mills in the fantastic series ‘Era uma vez’whose arc of redemption is subsidized by the adopted son.

To celebrate this important day, we have prepared a short list with ten movies and series to watch alongside one of the most important people in our lives.

Check out our picks below and let us know what your favorite title is:

Where to watch: Netflix

Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) has such a friendly relationship with his daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel), that they are often mistaken for sisters. Between Lorelai’s relationship with her parents, Rory’s new prep school, and the romances in their lives, there’s a lot of drama and a lot of fun going on.

Where to watch: Disney+

Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a mother who struggles too much to get along with her rebellious teenage daughter, Anna (Lindsey Lohan), aged 15 years. Determined to end the fights, they suddenly switch bodies after eating fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant. Now, each must learn to deal with the other’s lives, with the confusion growing even more because Tess is scheduled to marry.

Where to watch: Disney+

The fantasy series ABC was a huge success when it debuted in 2011 and, despite focusing on several other themes, one of them is motherhood – Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison find themselves in the spotlight as Regina Mills and Emma Swan, respectively. Regina adopted Henry after Emma gave him up for adoption, but things change when Emma crosses paths with her son ten years later and is drawn into a narrative fueled by magic and love.

Where to watch: Disney+

Princess Merida must follow the customs of her kingdom and become queen alongside the gentleman who wins her hand during an archery tournament. However, the young woman is determined to forge her own path and defies not only the ancient tradition of her kingdom, but her mother herself – plunging into a journey of self-discovery that involves magic and many dangers.

MY MOTHER IS A PLAY (2013 – 2019)

Where to watch: Globoplay

In the iconic and beloved trilogy ‘My mother is a piece’the late Paulo Gustavo plays Dona Hermínia, a mother, housewife and television presenter who narrates the tribulations of a life marked by hilarious moments involving her sisters, children and her ex-husband. The character was inspired by Gustavo’s mother, while the franchise became a massive commercial success, being revisited constantly by fans of family comedy.

Where to watch: Star+

Brie Larson took home the well-deserved Oscar for Best actress for her flawless performance in the powerful family drama ‘Jack’s Room’, which elevated the love between mother and child to an almost painful level. In the plot, Joy (Larson) and Jack (Jacob Tremblay) live isolated in a room. The only contact they both have with the outside world is a periodic visit from Old Nick, the man who holds them captive. Joy does her best to make life on site bearable. When her son turns five, she decides to devise an escape plan. With Jack’s help, she tries to trick Nick into returning to reality and introducing her son to a new world.


Where to watch: HBO Max

A woman (Mila Kunis), with a seemingly perfect life – good marriage, exemplary children, great job – ends up getting stressed beyond the point with domestic obligations. Tired of the situation, she joins two other women (Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell) who go through the same problems and together begin an intense journey of liberation.

Where to watch: HBO Max

Marlo (Charlize Theron), mother of three children, one of whom is a newborn, lives a very busy life and, one day, receives a gift from her brother: a nanny to take care of the children during the night. Before a little hesitant, Marlo ends up being surprised by Tully (Mackenzie Davis).


Where to watch: Prime Video

The acclaimed miniseries ‘Little Fires Everywhere’based on the novel of the same name by Celeste Ng, was one of the best productions of 2020 and delighted audiences around the world. Starring names like Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washingtonthe narrative addresses very important topics today, demystifying the maxim that motherhood is something natural for every woman, promoting reflections on the fate of women in putting aside their dreams to take care of a family and even questioning the traditional structure of family.

Where to watch: Netflix

‘Ginny and Georgia’ accompanies Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry), a 15-year-old who doesn’t fit the common profile of her age and who, on several occasions, feels even more mature than her mother, the energetic Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey). Georgia had Ginny as a teenager and had to work in different cities to survive as a single mother. Now, after going through a few good times, Georgia is ready to start from scratch and decides to move in with her kids Ginny and Austin (Diesel La Torraca) for a small town in the state of Massachusetts. For the first time, introverted Ginny has the chance to lead a more conventional social and love life, as well as attend a prestigious school and be popular. But as the girl struggles to navigate adolescence, her mother’s turbulent past comes to light and promises to threaten her newfound stability.

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