After customer suffers food poisoning, Health Surveillance bans cafeteria in Guaraí

Published in: 09/05/2022 17:01

Updated: 09/05/2022 17:01

Author: Marcelo Gris

A cafeteria in Guaraí was banned by the Health Surveillance last Thursday (05/05), after one of the customers reported having been affected by serious food poisoning. Images recorded by the agency’s inspectors show a lot of dirt in the place, expired and inadequately preserved products.

Food poisoning is a health problem usually caused by ingesting spoiled food or water. In children and the elderly, it can even cause serious complications. Contamination can also occur during food handling, preparation, conservation and/or storage.

The ban on the establishment is a measure provided for by the Public Health Code of Guaraí, established by Municipal Law No. 606/2015. The name and exact location of the aforementioned cafeteria were not informed and the food considered inappropriate was incinerated at the Controlled Landfill (former dump).

Fines provided by law

In addition to the ban, establishments that disrespect the health regulations in force in Guaraí can also be fined. The value of the penalties varies from 50 to 350 UFIG’s (Guarí Tax Unit), remembering that one UFIG is equivalent to R$ 13.50, so the values ​​can reach up to R$ 4,725.00.

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