Amanda Seyfried reveals harassment from fans over iconic phrase from “Mean Girls”: “Just disgusting”

If it were up to Amanda Seyfried, surely many fans of the movie “Mean Girls” would have their names put in the “book of knockout”! In an interview with the American Marie Claire, released on Tuesday (10), the actress revealed that one of the most iconic lines of her character in the long earned her very invasive public approaches.

For those who don’t remember, the star played Karen in the production, a teenager who reproduced the typical stereotype of the “dumb blonde”. Her big difference was having a “sixth sense” in which her breasts warned her when it was going to rain, but in this case, she was always raining when those “reminders” arrived.

Amanda recalled that after the film’s release, people recognized her on the street, but highlighted the unfortunate episodes she experienced whenever boys asked her if it was raining, expecting her to repeat the character’s gesture of touching her breasts and checking the forecast. of time. “I was always very disgusted by it. I was about 18 years old [na época]. It was just disgusting”criticized.

In the following years, Seyfried rose to great stardom with roles in “Mamma Mia” and “Letters to Juliet”. Instead of boasting a life of luxury in Los Angeles, the actress bought a house in the mountains of the Catskills, in the United States, far from everything. For Marie Claire, she reflected on fame, especially for someone who had this achievement in her youth.

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“I think being very famous [jovem] must be shit. It must make you feel completely insecure in the world. I see these younger actors who think they need to be safe. They think they have to have an assistant. They think their whole world has changed. It can get stressful. I’ve seen this happen with my colleagues. So I bought a farm. I was like, let’s go in the opposite direction.” said.

The artist, by the way, does not consider herself a great celebrity. “Fame is strange. I was never super famous. I’ve always been somewhat recognizable. It’s been the healthiest path. [Não é] a scary peak. I have my priorities. I know who I am. I know where I’m going. I know what that means. It means I’m going to do what I love.”noted.

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