Apple releases to watch out for in 2022

every year to apple updates its device portfolio. Sometimes quite radical changes and sometimes not so much, but always enough to get your most loyal customers excited — and journalists covering tech busy. We are approaching the end of the first half of 2022 and the company is close to releasing updates for its most beloved devices.

iPhone 14

THE iPhone 14 It is one of the most anticipated cell phones of the year and, according to some leaks, it should bring some news in its new version, the main one being the look. Apple’s next smartphone should not have a notch – that rectangular notch with rounded edges at the top of the screen -. Instead, the device should have two small spaces at the top of the display to house the front camera and the device’s sensors. The new iPhones should also feature the A16 chips, faster and more efficient than the A15 chips found in the iPhone 13.

MacBook Pro

Tech enthusiasts must be very excited about the release of the next MacBook Pro, mainly because Apple is investing in its own processors and no longer depends on chips made by Intel. The expectation is that Apple’s next chip will have twice the processing power of the M1, with a 40-core processor and up to 128-core graphics chip — which is kind of scary.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 will update the company’s line of smart watches, but unofficial information points out that Apple plans to also launch a smartwatch focused on athletes and people who want to monitor sports practices with some unprecedented features that are being developed by the technology giant. .

MacBook Air

There is great anticipation around the launch of the new MacBook Air, which should receive one of the biggest updates ever made in the company’s history, especially in the design, which must be completely revamped. The device should also receive an upgrade in its hardware, since, like the MacBook Pro, it can get a version of the M2 chip, not so powerful, but that will certainly not let the user down.

AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is another device that should get a visual overhaul and, according to unofficial information, should eliminate the “stick” format – with those rods at the bottom –. Will we have the first AirPods Pro in the “buds” format?

The news doesn’t stop there, the headphones can support “lossless” technology, capable of playing audio files with maximum quality and without loss during playback. This results in huge files, but pleases audiophiles who are likely to love the next AirPods Pro.

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