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In football, there is an always held discourse that victory is built on preparation. Cruzeiro proved this maxim. In the 1-0 over Grêmio, the club’s analysis department and the coaching staff headed by Paulo Pezzolano anticipated the move that would lead to Rodrigo Ferreira’s own goal.

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Behind the scenes released by the club’s press office, and produced by journalists Gustavo Aleixo and Marco Ferraz, Raposa highlighted that the video of the lecture, three hours before the game, showed what weakness of Grêmio, in marking, Cruzeiro could take advantage of in the game of Independence.

– There will be space in the back of their central midfielder, and the winger will not follow. So we have to see space. Bidu and Geovane, we have to be at the height of their side, wide open, on the line – highlighted the coach.

Pezzolano points out in a lecture played that Cruzeiro could build against Grêmio – Photo: Disclosure / Cruzeiro

In fact, Cruzeiro’s goal was built after Lucas Silva advanced from the defensive line to a dispute for the top with Eduardo Brock. The defender wins in the dispute and quickly passes to Matheus Bidu, who takes advantage of the marking space to cross the ball into the area.

– This game you who will win. Do you know how? Playing shorter than ever and when we are attacking close to his end. Good positioning of Wilian (Oliveira) and Neto (Moura), is important. And Lucas (Silva) close to (Diego) Souza every time we attack. We will win the game when we have control of the game – added Pezzolano.

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Premiere Brasileirão banner — Photo: Reproduction

In the analysis of Pezzolano and his entire team, it is shown that Grêmio always attacked trying to form triangles. Guidance for players is also provided by Raposa’s assistant, Martin Varini. In it, they highlight the concern with Diego Souza.

– Important: Diego Souza inside the area. He moves very well. Be aggressive. They don’t go into the body. He is very smart and uses his body.

Diego Souza was a big concern for Paulo Pezzolano in the match — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

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In the video, Cruzeiro also follows the club’s performance analysis team, headed by one of Pezzolano’s right-hand men, Matías Filippini. Together with the coach, they arrived at Toca da Raposa before 07:00 to carry out an analysis of Grêmio and which strategy to adopt.

During the game, from one of Independência’s cabins, Matías Filippini and his teammates analyzed the match and passed information on to Martín Varini, who was next to Pezzolano on the field. The strategy worked. Cruzeiro beat Grêmio 1-0 and leaned into the leadership of Série B.

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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