Botafogo’s top scorer, Erison reveals that he studied David Luiz and comments on Gabriel Barbosa’s provocation in a disallowed goal: ‘The world goes round’

Scorer of Botafogo’s 1-0 victory over Flamengo this Sunday, in Brasília, striker Erison was all smiles when he participated live on SporTV’s “Tá na Área” program on Monday night. El Toro revealed that he studied the last games of the defender, who he used to play with in the video game, and ended up winning the decisive bid.

– I’ve seen him play a lot in Europe and in the national team, I’ve played a lot with him in the video game too, he’s an excellent defender. I tried to analyze his games, I studied a little about him. I was happy with the shot, I like to carry it to the left, because the kick is one of the strongest things I have – said Erison.

Nicknamed the “classic man” for having scored goals in all of Botafogo’s rivals in 2022, Erison said he has no different preparation for this type of game and also spoke about the “crying” made by Gabriel Barbosa when celebrating the disallowed goal from Flamingo.

– In all my games I always try to give my best, regardless of whether it’s classic or not. I like to be very focused on the pitch to be able to help my teammates with goals or helping with the marking. Provocation is normal, but as they say, the world goes round. In the end, who ended up leaving happy was us – said Erison.

Check out other statements by Erison to ‘Tá na Área’:

PHASE IN BOTAFOGO: “It’s been a very good moment for me and for all my teammates. We are having a great championship and I have been doing great performances. I’m very happy with my performance, I have the help of my teammates, the mister. It all forms one set.”

WORK OF LUÍS CASTRO: “The mister and his commission are very important for the players, they have made the most of us in each training session, in each game. He imposes a lot on the physical part, intensity, pressure, it all helps us on the pitch and favors us in most of the games, to pressure up front, steal the ball and try to score.”

FOOTBALL TRAJECTORY: “It was a very difficult time for me, I see everything I’ve been through and today I’m proud of myself for everything I’m doing and have to do. I had an opportunity to go to XV de Piracicaba and I embraced it in the best possible way. I always put it in my head that I have to do my best. There are many boys who dream of being a player and I can’t let it go. I think about it a lot, many athletes wanted to be wearing this giant Botafogo shirt. Here I have to do my best and give my best.”

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