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Blue Origin, the space tourism company owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, reported this Monday (9) that a Brazilian will be on his next mission, still without a set date.

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Production engineer Victor Correa Hespanha, 28, was chosen after purchasing an NFT (non-fungible token) for the first time and will be one of six passengers on the trip.

Hespanha is from Minas Gerais and will be able to participate in the NS-21 mission after purchasing an NFT from the Crypto Space Agency (CSA). He will be the second Brazilian to travel to space and will join Marcos Pontes, who went to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2006.

CSA, which paid for the ticket, is a company that claims to have a mission to unite the technology of the space industry with the cryptocurrency market.

On April 25, 2022, it made 5,555 NFTs available to the public and said that one of the owners would have the chance to travel into space. On April 30, the company held a lottery and selected the Brazilian, who bought the item to diversify his investments.

“I bought it thinking about the upside potential,” said Hespanha. “I never imagined that mine would be drawn. CSA is making my childhood dream come true through an NFT.”

The CSA says it will send another NFT owner into space later this year.

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Blue Origin, by Jeff Bezos, carried out fourth manned space mission in March 2022

Blue Origin, by Jeff Bezos, carried out fourth manned space mission in March 2022

In addition to the Brazilian, one of the passengers is the Mexican Katya Echazarreta, who has a YouTube channel and presents television series that seek to provide inspiration for women and other minorities interested in science. She will be the first Mexican woman to go into space.

Passengers on the next Blue Origin space mission, by Jeff Bezos — Photo: Disclosure / Blue Origin

Engineer and investor Evan Dick will make the trip for the second time. He was on the NS-19 mission, which also took Laura Shepard, daughter of astronaut Alan Shepard, who is named after the rocket, into space.

Blue Origin’s next voyage will also include Hamish Harding, president of executive jet company Action Aviation; Jaison Robinson, founder of the real estate firm JJM Investments; and Victor Vescovo, co-founder of investment firm Insight Equity.

Bezos’ space tourism company has made 20 trips into space, but only four have had passengers. In July 2021, the businessman participated in the first manned mission with three other people.

Jeff Bezos in space: See the best moments of the flight and understand the case

Jeff Bezos in space: See the best moments of the flight and understand the case

In October of the same year, it was the turn of actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the series “Star Trek” (“Star trek”), to finally go to space. He also traveled with three other passengers.

In December 2021, Blue Origin made a third manned flight, this time with six people. Among them was Laura Shepard, daughter of Alan Shepard, who 60 years earlier became the first American to go into space.

The fourth manned mission took place in March 2022, when another six people went into space.

See the best moments of William Shatner's 'Captain Kirk' trip to space

See the best moments of William Shatner’s ‘Captain Kirk’ trip to space

Differences between SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic spacecraft — Photo: Arte G1

Understand the difference between orbital flight and suborbital flight — Photo: G1

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