Brazil’s best-selling SUVs in April have a rookie in the lead

The SUVs, popularly called SUVs, entered the popular taste of Brazilians a few years ago. Being more robust models of automobiles, they won the streets of all cities across the country. Check out which were the best-selling SUVs in Brazil in April this year.

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Launch leads the list of best-selling SUVs in Brazil

The number 1 among the best-selling SUVs in Brazil is a 2021 launch, but which aroused the interest of consumers. It is the Fiat Pulse, a compact SUV, but which guarantees the sporty air expected for the category.

According to data from the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave), the compact sold 5,520 units in April this year. Second place went to the Jeep Compass, which totaled 4,766 sales in the same period. Closing the podium of the best-selling SUVs in Brazil appears the Volkswagen T-Cross, with 4,570 units sold, almost a thousand less than the champion.

It is worth noting that the Pulse is the first Fiat SUV manufactured in Brazil. As differentials, the car has several versions and an economical engine, in addition to being one of the most powerful for its size. The price is another highlight since its launch, being one of the most affordable SUV options when it comes to 0 km car. In the year, the vehicle already has 14,249 units sold and is in 7th place overall in the 2022 annual ranking.

Discover the best-selling SUVs in Brazil in April 2022

The data presented follows the information disclosed by Fenabrave. It is possible to check how many units each of the 10 best-selling SUV models in Brazil totaled in April.

  1. Fiat Pulse: 5,520
  2. Jeep Compass: 4,766
  3. VW T-Cross: 4,570
  4. Chevrolet Tracker: 4410
  5. Hyundai Crete: 4,255
  6. Jeep Renegade: 4,165
  7. Toyota Corolla Cross: 3,861
  8. VW Nivus: 2,644
  9. Nissan Kicks: 2,473
  10. Jeep Commander: 1,894

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