Can you imagine being rewarded for the walk you take on a daily basis?

Training while you win so it’s getting double benefits, taking care of your health and getting some coins. That’s right, Sweat Coin was presented as a cryptocurrency developed together with some companies and can be exchanged for some products. The official launch date is yet to be decided, but the forecast points to August of this year 2022.

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The digital currency will be available in the app itself, in a digital wallet linked to a step counter and for every 1,000 you receive 1 sweatcoin. There is no direct equivalence with the real, so it cannot be withdrawn, it exists only on the internet. As mentioned, your units can be used to acquire some items.

What can you buy with Sweat Coins cryptocurrencies?

At the sporting goods store of the same name, clothing and other accessories related to the fitness routine will be offered. In Brazil, there are few options for now, in other countries the idea is already consolidated with a donation campaign for Non-Profit Organizations. In addition, it is necessary to pay the import value of the items, which costs more or less 7 euros, therefore, R$ 43.00.

Is this new trend here to stay? Unlike other crypto assets, instead of being a store of value in investments, it stimulates circulation through the exchange. Even so, it represents a way to make the brand more visible, gaining public appeal for sustainable values ​​aimed at promoting health, highlighting technological solutions.

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