Cat with big paws that no one wanted wins a woman’s heart and gets a new home

Last month, Tara was picking up some rocks from the yard when a man told her about his neighbor whose cats needed new homes. The neighbors’ cat had given birth to a litter, but the family would be moving soon, and they wanted to get the kittens new families before they went.

Tara, who has rescued and adopted several cats and dogs, visited the family and noticed that one of the kittens was polydactyl, that is, it was born with more fingers than usual. In addition, the “curly” ears of the feline drew attention. She went home to drop off the stones, but she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Kitten with big paws
Tara fell in love with the cat at first sight (Photo: Personal Archive/Tara/LoveMeow)

“I thought this was a fate situation. How else could this happen? So I came back”. When Tara returned, the kitten with the extra fingers was the only one that still needed a home – the others had been adopted. “The man was afraid the neighbor would leave him behind, so I told him I would take the puppy.”

little paws

According to Tara, the nine-week-old kitten, named Max, seemed eager for a new family. “When he got home, he was a real stuffed animal, purring and very vocal.”

He quickly learned to get attention by crawling onto Tara’s lap, chest, or up her leg. Before long, Max’s meows piqued the interest of other furry residents, including Surry, another rescue pup, Mira the sweet turtle, and Mickey the fearless scooter cat.

“I introduced him to Mickey (who has Manx Syndrome) the next day, and they hit it off instantly. They are constantly joking and fighting,” Tara told Love Meow. “When Max finally gets tired, they end up becoming nap mates.”

two cats lying
Max has gained several brothers who adore him (Photo: Personal Archive/Tara/LoveMeow)

“It’s been almost three weeks since I brought him home, and he’s such a fantastic addition to the family. And to think he could have been put out on the street. That scares me. But we can avoid neutering our pets.”

The kitten with big paws is living like a king in his house. He gets the attention of his humans, and has lots of siblings to play with and sleep with all the time.

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