COVID-19: 953 people test positive in the last 24 hours in Minas – Gerais

Elderly woman in red blouse and mask receives vaccine from a nurse
Minas reaches 15% of the target audience with the 4th dose of COVID vaccine (photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

According to data from the epidemiological bulletin, Minas Gerais recorded, between Monday (09/5) and Tuesday (10/5), 953 more positive cases of COVID and 7 deaths. In all, since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 3,364,576 infections by the disease and 61,391 deaths in the state. The information is from the State Department of Health.

The moving average of deaths reached its lowest level in 2022 and is at 1.3. Among the first ten days of May, there were 7,251 confirmed COVID cases and 95 deaths.

Vaccination in Minas is in 83.4% coverage of the population over 5 years old, with two doses of vaccine, while 58.4% of people over 18 years old have the third dose.

With the public over 60 years old released throughout the state for the 4th dose, the proportion of vaccinated with the second booster is 15.7%, an increase of almost 100% compared to the previous day.

In Belo Horizonte, all audiences and age groups already summoned can look for health centers and extra posts for vaccination of any dose. Vaccination against influenza in BH runs until June 3, and the groups that can receive the immunizer can be checked on the PBH website.

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