Déjà-vu: Anselmo Ramon scores a spectacular goal with the CRB shirt and remembers Dodô’s historic move for Flu; compare | crb

The Rei Pelé Stadium was the scene of a special goal this Monday, for the Brazilian Series B. Against Sampaio Corrêa, striker Anselmo Ramon, from CRB, moved outside the area and received a cross from the midfielder Yago. He fixed his body and hit an impressive volley, in the angle, at 17 of the first half. The goalkeeper Luiz Daniel still jumped to give more beauty to the bid.

The Regatian crowd was very excited with the move, and Anselmo was waving his fingers in celebration, as if he himself hadn’t believed in the goal.

– I hadn’t scored yet in Serie B and God blessed me here at Rei Pelé. I think it was the most beautiful goal of my career. Puskas Prize? (most beautiful goal of the year) I think it’s possible to join the fight – commented Anselmo at halftime of the game, in an interview with reporter Andréa Resende, from Sportv.

CRB won the game 2-1 and reached four points in the standings.

Anselmo Ramon scores a goal for CRB – Photo: Reproduction Premiere

The move was very similar to a historic goal by striker Dodô, in the 2008 Libertadores. Against Arsenal, from Argentina, the Fluminense striker also scored first, at Maracanã. But the ball went to the opposite side in relation to Anselmo’s goal.

See the tactical analysis of Dodô's 2008 goal

See the tactical analysis of Dodô’s 2008 goal

Anselmo Ramon’s goal was still analyzed by VAR, because of a ball in Richard’s hand at the beginning of the play. Referee of the match, Heber Roberto Lopes talked to the video referee and confirmed the bid. At Central do Apito, Fernanda Colombo said that the goal was cool.

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