FGTS has 2 withdrawals of R$1,000 this week; see who receives

The extraordinary FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) will be paid again this week. According to the official payment schedule, no less than two withdrawals of up to R$1,000 will be released. The estimate is that 7.5 million workers will receive the amount by next Saturday (14).

At first, the Government confirmed that 3.7 million people born in April receive the money tomorrow, Wednesday (11). On the other hand, 3.8 million May birthdays will be able to withdraw the amounts on Saturday (14).

So far, according to official information, the benefit has been released to three different groups (born in January, February and March). First of all, it is important to point out that the two groups mentioned above (born in April and May) will join the groups that can already redeem the values.

To move the FGTS values, the individual needs to use only digital channels. The Government explains that, at least in this first moment, the worker needs to use Caixa Tem to carry out the movement.

Through the application, the citizen can pay some bills in the form of slips or just with the bar code. In addition, there is the option of making some purchases online and even in person. In a few more weeks, there will also be the option to transfer the amounts to other bank accounts.

Payments will be made until the 15th of June, always respecting the birthday month of each user.

It is important to make it clear that the payment process will be staggered. The interval between deposits may vary between 7 and 10 days.

Government releases consultation

As said, at the moment only users who were born in January and February are eligible to receive the FGTS benefit. However, the fact is that all citizens can already check if there is any balance available in their accounts.

The FGTS is nothing more than a Guarantee Fund paid by the employer to the worker when he is working. The money is kept and can be used for emergencies, such as when the citizen is fired without just cause.

The values, therefore, vary depending on the situation of each worker. To check how your account is doing, the individual does not need to leave the house. He can check the information through the official app of the FGTS itself.

The citizen can also carry out the consultation through an agency of the Caixa Econômica Federal itself. Thus, he will know if there is any active or inactive balance in his name and consequently he will know if he is entitled to any deposit now.

FGTS withdrawal amount

According to the Federal Government, the extraordinary FGTS deposit limit is R$ 1 thousand per citizen. However, this does not mean that everyone will receive this amount. It all depends on your balance.

If a citizen has a balance of R$ 200, this is the amount he will receive. If he has a balance of R$20,000, then he will only receive R$1,000. The receipt threshold may be lower, but never higher than the threshold.

FGTS: When can the money be withdrawn?

According to the calendar, withdrawals will continue to be released until June 15. On the other hand, all groups will be able to withdraw until December, according to information from the Federal Government.

See the schedule for those born each month:

  • January: April 20
  • February: April 30th
  • March: 4th of May
  • April: 11th of May
  • May: 14th of May
  • June: 18th of May
  • July: 21st of May
  • August: 25th of May
  • September: 28th of May
  • October: 1st of June
  • November: June 08
  • December: 15th of June

It is important to remember that workers are not obliged to withdraw the FGTSbut if they do not want to take advantage of the opportunity, they can only do so in specific situations provided for by law.

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