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Flamengo’s medical department is busy in 2022. There are already 16 sick leave, without considering spared players, injured in South American teams, athletes with Covid and other viruses. It is the worst start to the season at the red-black shipyard in the last five years.

For comparison purposes, the survey only considered the first 26 games of each season – the number of matches played by Flamengo so far in 2022.

Rodrigo Caio, Gustavo Henrique, Bruno Henrique and Fabrício Bruno were among those injured — Photo: Infoesporte

Club with fewer injuries in 2016, Flamengo has seen the scenario change over the last few years. If before the club’s DM was praised and valued by the fans, the consecutive cases this year changed the tone of the fans and the charges increased in 2022.

Wanted, the club checked the data with the report, but preferred not to officially comment on the matter. See year by year Flamengo’s sick leave since 2018:

Flamengo’s injuries in the last 5 years

Considering the first 26 games of each season, number of matches played by Flamengo so far in 2022


The ge has been doing this survey since 2016, and the number of sick leave, considering this cut of initial games, is also a record in 2022. In 2016 there were five injuries and in 2017 there were 13 cases after 26 commitments in the season.

This year, the player who lost the most matches due to injury was Rodrigo Caio. The defender underwent surgery on his right knee at the end of last season and ended up having post-op complications. He still hasn’t debuted in 2022 and he last took the field 158 days ago, on December 3, 2021, in a 1-1 draw with Sport, for the 35th round of the Brazilian.

Rodrigo Caio has not been on the field for 158 days for Flamengo — Photo: Flamengo

Rodrigo Caio was listed again on the 30th, for the first leg of the third phase of the Copa do Brasil against Altos. In addition, he went to the bench against Botafogo. In 2022, he played 21 away games because of the right knee injury.

Despite not having entered the field yet this year, the away games count due to injury did not consider the first two games of the year, which were with an alternative team, and the last three since the defender’s return to the related list. Against Talleres, Rodrigo was spared the trip and the match was not counted either.

Two other defenders appear among the players who lost the most commitments in the year due to injury: Gustavo Henrique and Fabrício Bruno. The first has already been out of 15 matches in the year for being in the medical department of Flamengo, with two trips to the DM: a sprained right knee between February and March and the current injury in the anterior region of the right thigh felt about a month ago.

The reinforcement that came from Bragantino felt a foot injury in the first leg of the Carioca final and has not been related since. There are 11 games as embezzlement. Another to feel in the decision against Fluminense was forward Vitinho, who also has 11 away matches due to injury in the posterior region of the right thigh.

Vitinho has not played since March 30, when he suffered a thigh injury against Fluminense – Photo: ANDRÉ DURÃO

Another striker who missed many appointments in the year due to injury was Bruno Henrique. He is the one who most times ended up in the red-black DM in 2022: three. An injury to the anterior region of the right thigh felt in late January, a dislocated left shoulder in March and a tendinopathy in the right knee in April.

In all, 13 different players have already been to Flamengo’s DM in 2022. This is without considering the injuries of midfielder Arrascaeta, who felt an ankle in the Uruguayan team, and the side Isla, who felt his thigh for the Chilean team, in addition to the case of Ayrton Lucas , who arrived at the club already injured.

In the presentation of coach Paulo Sousa in Flamengo, the coach said that his previous teams did not usually have many cases of injury and that he would work in an integrated way to reduce the sick leave in the team.

– That’s the truth and there are other factual truths in recent years all over the world. Covid is a problem for us to manage these same injuries well. It has influenced and will continue to influence a lot. We are all united to seek knowledge and act in this difficulty. We are united to work well. In every team we had, we were one of the teams with the fewest injuries. We are getting to know the individual history of each athlete to do work that minimizes injuries. There is a need for integration, knowledge, so that we can serve our athlete to reduce injuries as much as possible. I have no doubt that this will happen.

Press conference for the presentation of Paulo Sousa — Photo: Reproduction

After the defeat to Botafogo, when the coach once again did not count on many athletes who were in the DM, Paulo Sousa reinforced his confidence in the work done in the medical department of the club.

– I have already said publicly: we have a very good relationship with the medical department, we have a lot of confidence in their work. We try to interact every day, understand what we can do to improve and have players always available. If not, we have more difficulties and instabilities in the process. Even because, without the possibility of working, as Botafogo had during the week, concepts, strategies and being able to combine the participation of some players, becomes an aggravating factor. However, we are confident that we will improve this detail. The vast majority of injuries are joint or injuries that are not very normal. We’re trying to figure out how we can minimize muscle injuries,” he said.

For the next match on Wednesday against Altos, Flamengo should not count on Santos, Matheus França, Gustavo Henrique, Fabrício Bruno and Vitinho. With calf pain, Filipe Luís can also be absent. Spared from the last game, Pedro must return. The side Matheuzinho has chances of being related after a thigh injury.

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