Flu studies measures to punish John Kennedy and may fine him, says reporter

Photo: Mailson Santana/FFC

On his YouTube channel, journalist Victor Lessa, from Rádio Globo, brought more information about the situation of striker John Kennedy, who created the base categories of Fluminense, who became involved in yet another off-field controversy. Internally, many defend the idea of ​​fining the player as a form of punishment.

This past weekend, the player’s car was seized by the PM in Itaboraí-RJ. The athlete was not in the vehicle, but it was driven by two unlicensed people who had marijuana. John Kennedy attended the police station to clarify the situation and was charged with entrusting the vehicle to unauthorized persons.

Inside Fluminense, the player’s posture has been bothering him. Lessa informed that the club has done what it can, first of all, to recover the human being, giving him structure and advice. During the treatment of his injury, the athlete missed training sessions and arrived late to others, hampering his recovery.

It is worth remembering that John Kennedy fractured his foot playing a “naked” during the holidays. The player had already recovered and had returned to training, but he felt the injury again and returned to the DM for further examinations. In addition to the fine, non-payment of awards is also considered by the club, as a form of lesson for bad behavior.

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