Graphic perfection! Train station demo made in Unreal Engine 5 will leave you in awe

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”

We already know that the realism of Unreal Engine 5 is impressive, but we still haven’t seen its full capacity. 3D artist Lorenzo Drago created a scene that takes place in a Japanese train station that actually exists. The Etchu-Daimon station recreated by the artist it’s so impressive, it’s really hard to tell if it’s animation or real footage.

On the page where he published his creation, he says he worked on all modeling, textures, lighting and animation, with the exception of the leaves. As said before, everything is running on Unreal Engine 5, with lighting made with Lumen.

“For this project, I wanted to get as close to photorealism as possible. I used camera matching to get precise proportions and I made careful use of the reference”, says Drago. The aforementioned technique, “camera matching”, consists of adjusting the point of view, working with perspective, to position objects proportionally, simulating reality.

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Lorenzo Drago says that he made all the textures from scratch with the Painter application and the footage was made using VR tracking to emulate the use of the camera and flashlight. The result, you can see in the video. An animation so real, it easily makes even the most experienced gamer look over and over again to see if it’s real or not, so what about those who are unprepared?

The entire scene has absurdly real details. From the practically perfect lighting, to the small details in the hardware, peeling wood, the farthest details, the way the camera moves, the night lighting, the shadows created by the flashlight, everything is incredibly realistic.

The artist says that this shouldn’t be a path followed by the games industry: “I think part of it is that games should change proportions to make objects more readable or to make navigation easier. For this project, I was able to come close to real-life proportions in everything. Plus there’s the fact that since everything is rendered in high resolution, many common artifacts aren’t noticeable.”

“Being compared to photogrammetry is high praise, but no, I just tried to replicate the references as closely as possible,” said the scene’s creator, who didn’t make it to the actual location. “I think compared to my older projects, I was finally able to step up my work with material and texture. It was almost an experiment, so I’m glad I was able to achieve that level of realism.”

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His work caught the attention of the Japanese: “Many Japanese people on social media were surprised by my choice of this station,” said Drago. Unfortunately it’s hard to find actual footage from the Japanese station to compare, especially now with the artist’s work all over the place. Any search will lead us to his creation.

Now the question that doesn’t want to be silent: did you see any imperfections in the video? Comment there.

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