how to earn up to R$ 600 working from home?

Extra income is an alternative for Brazilians looking for an alternative to be able to pay their bills at the end of the month.

In short, there are many cases where it is possible to get up to R$ 600 in extra income. Due to the pandemic, many people have found different ways to make money without leaving home. They are: SwagBucks and PicoWorkers. So, check out how they work below.

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Extra Income: how to earn up to R$ 600 working from home?

In short, the three options available to earn extra income:

In short, it is a paid task platform. Through the site, people make money by performing simple activities. In general, it deals with research on certain items and consumption habits.

By answering the platform’s questions, users start to score points and earn cash amounts for participating. As the platform pays in dollars, this is a great option to earn extra income.

Through this platform, people from all over the world advertise their services. After opening a registration on the site and carrying out aptitude and competence tests, the user can sign up for projects from partner companies.

The extra income site seeks, in particular, people in the technology area, in the search for by IT professionals and developers. In addition, the services of people who work with translation, typing and transcription are also advertised.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Seu Digital Credit is not responsible for payments, as well as for possible problems with the aforementioned websites.

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