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The Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA’s Large Infrared Observatory, provided high-resolution images of the infrared universe, which paved the way for the important explorer James Webb Telescope.

As detailed by NASA, through a statement, Webb continues the final calibrations of the instrument and prepares for the launch of the first images in the coming weeks.

However, these images of the mirror alignment process already give us a preview of Webb’s power in space.

James Webb Telescope captures stunning image in space

According to NASA, it is necessary to compare the two images captured from the same view of a portion of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small irregular galaxy close to ours.

James Webb’s MIRI instrument brings the details we see in the Spitzer image into sharper focus.

Webb’s image reveals tendrils of interstellar gas in unprecedented detail. Check comparative record:

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Still according to the information, the most important component of a telescope is its primary mirror.

The bigger the mirror, the more light it can collect and the smaller, darker and more distant objects it can detect. The James Webb Space Telescope’s mirror has an area nearly 45 times that of Spitzer.

Text with information from NASA

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