Jorge Jesus says that Everton Ribeiro, Gabigol and Gerson “felt a lot” at the end of the World Cup with Flamengo | well friends!

The passage of Jorge Jesus by Flamengo does not leave the memory of the fans, after the five titles in one year. He missed the World Cup in the gallery, after the 1-0 defeat to Liverpool in the 2019 final. In an interview with “Bem, Amigos!” this second, the coach cited weariness as an important factor in that game, but also pointed out that three highlights of the team did not yield what they could.

According to Jesus, Everton Ribeiro, Gerson and Gabigol were below their normal level in the match against Liverpool. The coach said that he made this comment to the red-black shirt 9 at dinner during his recent visit to Rio.

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Jorge Jesus in his participation in Bem, Amigos! — Photo: Reproduction

– I had three players in that game who didn’t play at their level. One of whom is very fond of me, I had dinner with him at the hotel where I am. I said: “Gabi, you weren’t at your level in that final”. Two more players. One of them was Gerson. Maybe we had won that final. But it happens. They really felt that final. These three players of mine, who were Gerson, Everton and Gabi. They weren’t at their limit, it made us not create more moments.

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Jorge Jesus stressed that he made a pact with the players while still in the dressing room at the stadium in Doha, Qatar, shortly after the defeat by Liverpool.

– We lost that final and I was not convinced, because I felt that we could have done better. And when we were all in the circle, each one spoke what was in his heart, I said “Don’t worry, because next year we’ll be here and we’ll win”. Because I knew the team I had, it was one of the strongest teams in the world. You here in Brazil have, in my opinion, in quotation marks, a “defect”, which is to value too much what is European – he said.

The Brazilian Championship is one of the strongest in the world. And those who work in this industry should value it more, export it outside of Brazil

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Gabigol celebrates alongside Jorge Jesus — Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamengo

In 2020, Jorge Jesus even renewed his contract with Flamengo at the beginning of the season. But with the pandemic, the increase in cases of covid and the loneliness in Brazil at that time, as he could not be with family and friends, he decided to return to Portugal. He signed with Benfica.

Flamengo still took the 2020 Brazilian Championship, the 2021 Carioca, but the performance and results were no longer the same. Many consider that there was no legacy of Jesus’ work at the club due to the lack of a sequel. He agrees and explains the reasons:

– I didn’t leave any (legacy). When I arrive in a team I take my technical team, so when I arrived at Flamengo Marcos Braz said he had the coach (from the permanent commission), actually several names, four nutritionists, scout. I said I didn’t. I didn’t want anyone there, my technical team does all this work, I said I was just going to choose a few people.

Did Jorge Jesus leave any legacy at Flamengo?  See the coach's answer

Did Jorge Jesus leave any legacy at Flamengo? See the coach’s answer

In addition, he confirmed that his requirement was to leave practically everything in the hands of the professionals who work with him. But when he left he took everyone from the club:

– I told Dr. Tannure to choose one of four nutritionists. I didn’t want four, I had to choose one. And he chose. In the scout the same thing. And (Braz) really liked one of the coaches, I wanted him to stay there, I won’t say the name, but I said no. Then I would have to choose another coach, another technical team.

Jorge Jesus even renewed with Flamengo — Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The Portuguese coach took the opportunity to pinpoint a situation that is common in Brazilian football, when players and goalkeepers try to gain time by stopping the game, simulating injuries and pain. He said it is the coaches’ role to educate their athletes to improve the quality of the show. And he also said he believes that fair play, in football, does not exist:

– Now with 30 minutes of play they are already falling to the ground, when the goalkeeper is on the ground the game stops. There is a phrase I put in Portugal that says that fair play in football is bullshit. It’s my phrase. It’s a lie, it doesn’t exist. We have to have respect for the game, for the colleague, but it doesn’t exist. If you are in the area, the attacker, if he has to dig the penalty, will do. And where is his fair play? It’s bullshit.

Jorge Jesus talks about antigame: "There is no fairplay in football"

Jorge Jesus talks about anti-game: “There is no fairplay in football”

Jorge Jesus returned to Brazil to accompany the samba school parades in Rio de Janeiro. But the passage of Portuguese ended up surrounded by controversy. UOL published that Jesus set a deadline until the 20th to receive a proposal from Flamengo.

The news stirred the backstage of the club and aroused a reaction from Hugo Cajuda, manager of the current coach Paulo Sousa. In note, the agent accused Jorge Jesus of “lack of ethics, professionalism and respect“. The president Rodolfo Landim ruled out the coach’s return.

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