Minecraft appears for free on Android temporarily

Those who stayed up late on Monday night (9) may have taken advantage of a great “promotion” that took place on the Play Store: the game Minecraftwhich normally costs R$ 37.99, appeared temporarily for free on the platform.

The game was listed for free on Android for a few hours, but the announcement on the official page said that the game would be free for two days on the platform. Currently, however, the price of Minecraft has already returned to the traditional R$ 37.99.

aasdasThe game temporarily appeared for free on the Play StoreSource: Xbox Originals/Twitter

The mobile version of Minecraft brings gameplay similar to what we have in the PC game and consoles, but has the differential of having on-screen controls, optimizing the experience for mobile phones. The game for smartphones still supports crossplay and even allows you to migrate content from other platforms.

reactions on the internet

The appearance of such a popular game for free on the internet generated a series of reactions on Twitter. On Tuesday morning (10), the game was among the most talked about topics on the social network.

While some users celebrated for acquiring the game free of charge in the “promotion”, others lamented for losing the game for free in the mobile version. Check out some of the memes:

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