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A good suspense book is the right choice for anyone who wants a story that holds attention from the first to the last page. Ideal for periods of literary hangover, which is that moment when the reader feels a little saturated with readings and can’t concentrate, the genre stands out for having an engaging and growing plot until the climax arrives, when the mystery unfolds. center gain more strength.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list with 5 thriller releases for you to engage in a reading that will hold you until the last page. Check it out and prepare the queue of upcoming books with your favorites:

1 – The Chambermaid — Nita Prose

The Chambermaid – Nita Prose — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @psico.literatura

best seller international and praised by New York Times,The Maid”, suspense of Nita Prosehas already had the publishing rights sold to more than 20 countries and will become a film starring Florence Pugh still in 2022!

The protagonist, who is the maid of the title, is Molly Gray. At 25, she doesn’t have the most trained social skills and needs help understanding other people’s intentions. Her grandmother was helping her in this mission; but since she died, the young woman has had to deal with all the complexity of life on her own. Obsessed with cleanliness and organization, she loves working in the Regency Grand Hotel — until an episode changes the routine she used to have there: the death of Mr. Black, one of the richest and most traditional guests of the place. From there, she finds herself caught in a web of lies and, because of some loose ends and her different personality, she becomes one of the main suspects of the police. The plot, full of twists, promises to surprise until the end.

2 – Illuminated — Lauren Beukes

Illuminated – Lauren Beukes — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @intrinseca

Also adapted for screens — more specifically, for the series of Apple TV+ with Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura which premiered on April 29 — , illuminated” was published in 2014 and is being re-released. Considered by Chicago Sun Times as one of thrillers best-written mysteries, the book by the South African Lauren Beukes it is set in 1931 and brings a mixture of science fiction for approaching time travel in the plot.

The plot unfolds when Harper Curtis, a violent drifter, breaks into a house that hides a shocking secret, that of being able to transport himself in time. There, he comes across the names of girls that shine before his eyes — the “enlightened girls” — and is urged by a command to transport himself through different decades to kill each one of them.

The killer thinks his crime is perfect, as the fact that he travels through time prevents him from being discovered. However, one of the survivors—Kirby Mazrachi—can’t forget the near-death experience she had and decides to go after the man who tried to kill her. To do so, she enters the city’s newspaper to investigate the crime, allies herself with Dan – the former police reporter who covered the case at the time – and begins a search that leads her to surprising leads. IT’S thriller Of Quality!

3 – Settlement — Celia Walden

Settlement of Accounts – Celia Walden — Photo: Disclosure

For those who want a thriller that also addresses social issues, such as machismo in the corporate world, “Account Settlement”by the British journalist Celia Walden, is the ideal choice! After being part of Trama’s subscription club, the book is available for purchase on Amazon and promises to please fans of the genre with captivating and well-built characters.

Alex, Jill and Nicole are the protagonists — three women very different from each other, but who want to come together to end the sexist culture that dominates the company they work for. Everything begins to unfold in an event fueled by alcohol, where they end up talking about the way Jamie Lawrence, considered the “golden boy” of the workplace, treats his colleagues – ranging from moral to physical and sexual abuse. Coincidentally, when they start to think of a plan to stop Jamie, he is found dead; and the question that remains for readers is: did any of them get out of hand? The challenge is to stop tracking everything before the last page!

4 – Handbook of Murder for Good Girls — Holly Jackson

Manual of Murder for Good Girls – Holly Jackson — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @psico.literatura

the book of Holly Jackson, which has already won over thousands of readers since its launch, promises to be the perfect option for those who love crime series and mystery books. The plot hook is the murder of Andie Bell, the most beautiful and popular girl in school who was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who committed suicide shortly after the crime.

Pip, the protagonist of “Handbook of Murder for Good Girls” , sees the marks that history has left on the town of Little Kilton, even five years after it happened, and is intrigued by the loose ends of the puzzle — such as the fact that Sal, whom she has known since she was a child, has always been kind and , out of nowhere, turned into a cold killer. On the verge of graduating from high school, the young woman decides to take the topic to her graduation project; and as she does her research, she uncovers terrifying secrets that could put her life at risk and her very nature in question.

5 – The Pain of My Secret — Robyn Gigl

The Pain of My Secret – Robyn Gigl — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @editoratrama

“The Pain of My Secret” – book of Robyn Gigl, half drama, half suspense — also brings social issues to the construction of the plot. In the plot, Williams E. Townsend Jr., the son of a Republican senator from New Jersey, is found stabbed to death in a rundown motel near Atlantic City. As everything indicates that Sharise Barnes, a 19-year-old black trans prostitute, was the one who committed the crime, she is under arrest. However, criminal lawyer Erin McCabe believes in the young woman’s innocence and decides to put her most important secret – the fact that she is also a trans woman – at risk to defend her from the death penalty.

The story is further complicated by the fact that Senator Townsed takes advantage of all his prestige and influence to discredit the defense, as his political aspirations can be harmed if the secrets that his son kept are revealed. Thus, Erin’s challenge becomes even greater: to fight against a justice whose vision is guided by the interests of others.

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