Musk Says He Can Overturn Trump’s Twitter Suspension | Technology

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“I would reverse the permanent suspension [de Trump]”, Musk said at a Financial Times conference. The mogul made it clear that the transaction with Twitter has not yet been completed and, therefore, it is not certain that the ban will be lifted.

Musk said he and Jack Dorseyco-founder of Twitter, agree that there should be no permanent bans on the social network. “It wasn’t right to ban Donald Trump. I think it was a mistake,” Musk continued.

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The former US president was suspended from Twitter and other social media after his supporters stormed the US Capitol in January 2020 to question Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Platforms pointed out that Trump violated policies against incitement to violence.

The banning of Trump’s Twitter profile “alienated a large part of the country”, Musk opined of the US. “It doesn’t kill Trump’s voice. It amplifies it among the right. That’s why it’s morally wrong and totally stupid,” he continued.

Musk also said that it is necessary to reduce an alleged left-wing bias in Twitter’s moderation.

“They come from an environment that is very left-wing,” the billionaire said of San Francisco-based employees. “But they fail to build trust in the rest of the United States and perhaps other parts of the world.”

When the deal to buy Twitter was announced, Musk said he intends to expand the space for freedom of expression on the social network. He also stated that he intends to open the algorithm to third-party reviews and authenticate all real users to stop bots and spam accounts.

Trump says he won’t return to Twitter

Trump has already declared that he would not return to the social network even if his account was reinstated. After Twitter announced that it had accepted the offer, the former US president said he would remain on the platform he had created after being suspended from Twitter.

“I’m not going to Twitter, I’m going to be on Truth Social,” Trump said. “I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’s going to make improvements and he’s a good man, but I’m staying with Truth,” Trump said.

Musk’s offer for Twitter has been approved by the company’s board of directors but has yet to be accepted by shareholders and regulators. The transaction is expected to be completed later this year.

Twitter X-ray — Photo: Arte/g1

Elon Musk and Twitter: An Old and Controversial Relationship

Elon Musk and Twitter: An Old and Controversial Relationship

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