New Gas Aid resource will be released in June

THE Gas Allowance it is a benefit paid every two months. For this reason, in May there is no release of the resource for the beneficiary families. Payment will only be resumed in June, with the transfer of 50% of the average price of the gas cylinder.

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According to the federal government, throughout the year the payment of Auxílio Gás is made in even months. The money is paid on the same date as the Auxílio Brasil, as it follows the same calendar.

Gas Aid Resource

The order of payment of the benefit is by the end of the Social Registration Number (NIS). In the last round, the resource released by Auxílio Gás was R$ 51. More than 5 million families received the money in April.

In the month of June, payment will resume on the 17th for those who have NIS of end 1. And the schedule for releasing the Auxílio Gás resource continues until the 30th of June, for NIS of end 0.

To receive the benefit, families must be registered in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico). And the income per person in the household must be equal to or less than half the minimum wage, or R$606.

It also applies to families that have someone in the house who receives the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC). By rule, the benefit must be guaranteed preferably to women victims of domestic violence.

The value of the Auxílio Gás resource to be released in June has not yet been disclosed. The federal government takes into account the survey carried out by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

But, in view of the increase in the price of gas cylinders in practically all states, the expectation is that for the month of June the benefit will exceed R$ 51.

See the paytable:
June 17: final number of NIS 1
June 20: Final NIS 2 issue
June 21: NIS 3 final number
June 22: final number of NIS 4
June 23: NIS 5 final number
June 24: NIS 6 final number
June 27: NIS 7 final number
June 28: NIS 8 final number
June 29: NIS 9 final number
June 30: Final NIS 0 number.

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