New medical bulletin updates Conrado’s health status: “Serious condition”

New medical bulletin brings information about Conrado’s condition, after a serious bus accident; Look

A new medical bulletin released on Monday afternoon (9) provides information about the singer’s health status. Conradduo of Alexander. The artist remains hospitalized in the ICU of the Regional Registry Hospital after a serious bus accident over the weekend.

According to the new report, Joao Vitor Moreira Soarespublicly known as Conradremains in a serious condition, but there was still no need to submit the singer to yet another surgical procedure.

Another member of the duo’s team is also hospitalized in the same institution. Julio Cesar Bigoli Lopes will undergo a battery of tests and, for the time being, there was no need for surgery.

Earlier, the girlfriend of Conrad came to the public very shaken to make a delicate request. She begged for prayers at this difficult time: “I ask for prayers and all your positive energies from our João (Conrado) and also from Julio Cesar. I believe that God is the cure, and He has already given the cure to both of them”, she said.


Singer’s funeral Luiz Aleksandro Talhari Correiawho formed a pair with the partner Conradmoved Londrina, Paraná, this Monday (9).

That’s because country friends prepared a surprise for the singer’s family: they made a procession with buses used for road trips. The symbolic action thrilled the duo’s fans.

Soon after the procession, a ceremony was held at the Parque das Allamandas Cemetery and Crematorium. One of the participants, singer Gabriel, from the duo Antony and Gabriel, published a video of the moment and declared himself to his friend.


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