Nubank customers can receive BRL 50 in May; Find out how to get

When opening a Nubank accountcustomers can receive up to R$50 in limit to use in the credit card. The service does not have an annual fee, and is aimed at customers with an unfavorable financial history.

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Approval to receive the Nubank card with a limit of BRL 50 undergoes an analysis carried out by the digital bank, which analyzes some criteria before the concession. Despite the release, the value is considered low and may displease many customers.

What is the R$50 Nubank card for?

customers with the low credit scorehow dirty name and who are taking their first steps in the area of ​​finance tend to be denied banking services, such as, for example, the credit card.

And thinking about this audience, Nubank developed the card with a limit of R$ 50, which operates as a “vote of confidence” by the company to help the client build a positive financial history and, over time, receive the limit increase. All without jeopardizing the financial situation of the fintech.

Therefore, the tool is ideal for those who want to build a positive relationship with the bank, which can gradually increase the credit card limit, after the consumer demonstrates behaviors of good use of the service.

For that there are tips to increase the Nubank card limit. Check out!

Learn how to increase the Nubank card limit faster

The digital bank listed some attitudes when using the purple card (nickname given to the Nubank card) so that the account holder can achieve satisfactory purchasing power in the tool and in a faster way. Check out:

  • Concentrate spending on the Nubank card, without this meaning “getting into debt”;
  • Keep your name clean in credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa;
  • Pay the Nubank invoice without delay, that is, until the due date;
  • Build a relationship with Nubank using some of the bank’s other financial services, such as insurance, investments, etc;
  • Keep your income up to date in the app, especially when it rises in value.

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