Nubank releases R$50 to customers in May. See how to get

THE Nubank confirmed that it will grant the initial amount of BRL 50 credit through your payments app. First of all, in case you don’t already know, the bank has a credit card, which in addition to having several benefits, has no annuity.

However, it is important to remember that its approval will undergo an analysis based on several criteria and, often when released, the limit does not please customers.

Currently, when the Nubank grants your credit card, better known as “roxinho”, to a customer whose conditions are not very favorable, the initial limit is usually in the amount of BRL 50.

Furthermore, it is important to note that customers with lower credit scores are often denied credit limits. Often, indebted customers, with late payments or low scores are unable to access so many financial benefits.

New batch of Emergency Aid must be paid later this month

However, in order to help its customers, the Nubank offers a limit of BRL 50, as a way to analyze the customer’s conditions, and thus, in the future, grant the credit limit increase.

Nubank allows credit limit increase

First of all, check out the five days that allow you to increase your card limit below:

Regular payment of Nubank invoice

Demonstrating responsibility for the institution’s debts should be the first step towards gaining more credit. In this sense, paying invoices by the due dates must be a constant action.

Focus spending on the card

Using the total available limit, as well as choosing to gather all possible expenses in purple is a great way to get the fintech’s attention. This is because Nubank may understand that it needs more credit.

keep the name clean

It is worth mentioning that failing to pay some debt to the point of having the name negative in the credit protection agencies can make it difficult to grant more limit. Therefore, the accounts must always be up to date.

Update income in the app

If there is an increase in income, the information must be included in the digital bank application. Through this, a greater margin can be made, considering the new financial capital.

Build a relationship with Nubank

Last but not least, build a relationship with the financial institution. The goal can be achieved by contracting other services offered, such as insurance, investments, among others.

Your R$50 bill can be worth up to R$4,000; see the reason

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