Nubank reveals how it sets the card limit and gives tips to increase it

THE Nubank, currently with around 50 million customers, offers its customers credit cards with varying limits. But after all, how is each customer’s limit defined? Check out!

First of all, it is important to make it clear that the credit card limit is a loan that the Nubank grants to its customers, usually for a period of 30 days.

Therefore, on the due date chosen by the customer, the user must pay for what was spent in the respective period. The amount paid on the invoice refers to what the customer used. However, if payment is delayed, interest will be charged on the payment slip.

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Card limit analysis

First, to release the credit for each customer, the bank needs to have the guarantee that it will receive the amount that was released on the card. In this way, banks and institutions that provide credit measure this trust through systems available in the country.

Confidence analysis takes into account several factors. Some of them are: debt history, negative name, low score and proof of income.

If Nubank does not have access to the information mentioned above, it will be more difficult to define the correct limit for each customer. Therefore, it may happen that the initial limit granted is not compatible with the person’s financial reality.

In addition, the periodic credit analysis favors the bank to grant a higher limit, since the banking institution will know better the customer’s financial profile. Therefore, the more the card is used and the payments are made on time, the more the bank learns about the user.

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How to increase the Nubank card limit?

As informed, in order to increase the limit, it is necessary to gain the trust of Nubank. So, some information that may help are:

  • Keep your income up to date;
  • Pay the invoice on time;
  • Centralize all spending on the main card.

In any case, if the customer’s name is negative for some debt elsewhere, the credit will probably not be accepted by the bank.

Furthermore, the user can adjust the credit within the bank’s platform or request a larger amount. See below how to do both procedures.

Limit adjustment in the app:

  1. open the application of Nubank;
  2. Enter your password and log into your account;
  3. On the home screen, go to the “Credit Card” option;
  4. Click on “Adjust Limit”;
  5. Choose the amount you want to leave as your card limit Nubank.

Request limit increase:

  1. open the application of Nubank;
  2. Enter your password and log into your account;
  3. Then go to “Request new maximum limit”;
  4. When a new screen opens, enter the desired threshold;
  5. Then inform the reason to increase your credit;
  6. The request will be analyzed according to your financial history;
  7. Finally, if approved, in a few minutes the new limit will be available.

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