Petrobras announces increase in diesel: how does a new high affect the consumer?

  • Giulia Granchi
  • From BBC News Brazil in Sao Paulo

Truck driver putting products in the vehicle

Credit, Victor Moriyama/Getty Images

Petrobras announced the increase in the price of diesel by 8.87% in refineries as of Tuesday (10/5), which means a change of 40 cents in the liter of fuel – from R$ 4.51 to R$ 4.91.

The increase comes less than two months after the last increase, on March 11, when the liter of fuel became 90 cents more expensive.

For the final consumer – such as truck drivers, transporters of passengers in collectives – the readjustment should arrive at the pumps approximately half way through, with an inflation of about 4.5%.

But as the experts interviewed by BBC News Brasil explain, even if the population does not feel the effect directly in the short term, the high should, yes, be passed on.

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