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Marlon’s first season at Paysandu was in 2020. The player arrived shortly after the departure of Vinicius Leite, who was the best player on the team. He arrived as a stranger. The striker scored a goal in the first game. The second game was even better, the winger scored two against Ferroviário. This gave hope to the crowd and must have put a lot of expectations on the athlete.

In terms of numbers, this is already the player’s best season. He scored five goals and provided six assists in 18 matches. The winger scored five goals in the first season and four in the second. In the game against Botafogo-SP, for the fifth round of the Brazilian Series C, shirt 10 left the field applauded. The Pernambuco native believes that this is the best moment with the two-tone shirt.

– I’m having a good time. I’ve been through good times and bad, there’s no denying it. The important thing is not to lower your head and keep working, as I always did. It’s not just me, the whole team is having a good time.

Marlon, Paysandu forward — Photo: John Wesley/Ascom Paysandu

This good relationship with the crowd was being built little by little, Marlon has already been criticized by most of the bicolors. Many have even asked him to leave. Paysandu did something unusual, they gave the player a long contract, that was another factor that put pressure on him. Shirt 10 comments on these ups and downs.

– I know my job and potential. I work hard every day to do my best for Paysandu. I’ve always worked seriously and that’s not going to change.

+ José Aldo highlights Paysandu’s victory and praises Marlon: “A player of great quality”

Before the match against Botafogo-SP, Marlon was the player who most created chances for the Boogeyman(18). That number must have gone up, shirt 10 gave another assist in the game against the São Paulo team. In addition to the pass, the winger scored a goal. He was already important, but he is proving to be essential for Márcio Fernandes’ team.

Marlon still has the advantage of playing well at both ends. In the last game, he gave an assist from the right and scored from the left. In addition to the offensive moment, the winger helps in defensive recomposition. The team’s good moment enhances his game.

– If the collective is well, the individual will appear. I’m very happy to help with goals and assists. I believe it will only get better.

Marlon and José Aldo — Photo: John Wesley/Ascom Paysandu

About the group, Paysandu managed to find two young values. Besides the potential, Marlon and José Aldo have another factor in common, they are from the same state. The striker says that they understand each other very well.

– Aldo is a very important player, he has a lot of quality. I get along very well with him. On and off the field, he’s a friend of mine. We are from Pernambuco and we understand each other very well. He is from Surubim and I am from Toritama.

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