Privatized refinery sells diesel 9.7% more expensive than Petrobras

The 8.9% increase in diesel by Petrobras reduced the gap in relation to the international market to 17%, according to the category association, Abicom.

A different situation occurs with the prices charged by Acelen, controller of the Mataripe Refinery, acquired from Petrobras by the Arab investment fund Mubadala at the end of last year, where the lag in relation to the external price is only 1%.

With weekly adjustments since taking over the unit, Acelen increased the price of diesel at the refinery last Saturday (7th) to up to R$5.63, reaching an average of R$5.39 per liter, or 9.7% above of the Petrobras price.

After 60 days, Petrobras announced yesterday an increase in the price of diesel and kept the price of gasoline unchanged. As of today, the average sale price of diesel from Petrobras to distributors will rise from R$4.51 to R$4.91 per liter.

The lag in domestic prices in relation to the international market is one of the points highlighted by experts for the lack of interest in Petrobras refineries that have been on sale since 2019.

Of the eight units offered, only the Landulpho Alves Refinery was sold, and at half the price estimated by the market.

According to the president of Petrobras, José Mauro Coelho, at least two more refineries should change hands later this year, Reman, from Amazonas, and SIX, from shale, in Paraná.

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