Smiles offers up to 119,984 miles on the purchase of the new Samsung Galaxy S22


When the article was published, the title stated “119,984 miles per real spent”, but this value is the total amount of miles that can be received in this offer depending on the chosen model. The title of the article has already been adjusted.

THE smiles is offering up to 119,984 miles in the purchase of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 at the Magalu, through Shopping Smiles. The promotion is valid only until 23:59 this Tuesday (10).

How to participate

  1. Access Shopping Smiles;
  2. Choose Samsung Galaxy S22 model;
  3. Make your purchase and earn miles!

Remember that only products sold by Magalu are eligible for the differentiated accumulation.

purchase example

At Shopping Smiles, it is possible to view the number of miles that will be accumulated with the purchase of the product. See below that there is a difference between Clube Smiles subscribers (or who have Diamond status in the program) and other customers:

Mileage accrual varies depending on which Galaxy S22 version you choose.

Don’t have a Smiles Club?

If you are interested in being part of the Smiles Club, in partnership with the program, we got a special condition: additional bonus miles in your subscription! Check available plans:

Find out how the Smiles Club works.


This offer can be interesting for those who were eyeing the device, as it offers you a great amount of Smiles miles on the purchase of the Samsung S22! Remembering that purchases at Shopping Smiles are made on the program’s own platform – that is, the credit of the miles is guaranteed and guaranteed (you do not need, for example, to record or withdraw prints of the screen).

Thinking of taking advantage? Click here to be redirected to the offer page.

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