Sony sold 19.3 million consoles worldwide

After a series of manufacturing problems and failing to meet global demand for the PS5, Sony announced on Tuesday that it did not meet its fiscal 2021 sales target for the new console.

In its most recent fiscal report, which brings data from January to March and the year compiled, the company said it reached 19.3 million PS5s sold worldwide since its launch in November 2020 – about three million less. than planned.

The company’s initial goal was to reach numbers greater than the 14.8 million PS4 consoles that were sold in its second fiscal year. However, the PlayStation 5 was “only” at 11.5 million.

In November 2021, there was already talk that Sony would be reducing production of the console due to technical difficulties, mainly the lack of semiconductor chips. Something that Intel said it believed could happen by 2023. AMD, on the other hand, more optimistic, sees improvements as early as 2022.

Either way, one thing is for sure: demand for the PS5 still seems to be greater than supply. Perhaps that’s why Sony is confident that sales will increase sharply in fiscal 2022 – which runs from the last month of April to the end of March 2023.

Now it’s “doubling the goal” of the PS5

After all, everyone already knows that since it hit the market, the PS5 hasn’t been easy to find. In Brazil and on the planet, stocks ran out faster than water in the desert – and in 2022, this continues to happen. But Sony promises to improve.

The company even has a bold goal: to sell about 18 million units by March 2023 – that is, practically doubling the number of consoles that are on the market today. And the company says it is confident for that. I wonder why?

Maybe because Ragnarök is coming?

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