Surprise, Avaí turns on Coritiba with penalty goals and enters the G4

In the confrontation between two teams recently promoted to Série A of the Brasileirão, Avaí and won Coritiba by 2 to 1, in a comeback, at the end of the fifth round. Playing in Ressacada tonight (9), Leão was better, scored twice in penalty kicks, and entered the G4.

After a lukewarm first, but with the better hosts on the field, Coxa came back with everything from the break and opened the scoring, at 6 minutes, with Igor Paixão. However, the Santa Catarina team turned around with two penalty goals. Muriqui suffered the first, and Bissoli converted. In the second, the roles were reversed: Bissoli was fouled in the area, and Muriqui charged into the back of the net.

With the result, Leão da Ilha surprises at the beginning of the championship, rising to third place in the table, with ten points. Coxa, with seven, is in 10th position.

Honored concrete

Betão, former Avaí player, is honored at halftime of the match against Coritiba, valid for the 5th round of the Brasileirão - HEULER ANDREY/DIA ESPORTIVO/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO - HEULER ANDREY/DIA ESPORTIVO/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

Betão, former Avaí player, is honored at halftime of the match against Coritiba, valid for the 5th round of the Brasileirão


After announcing his retirement from the pitch, last week, Concrete was honored at Ressacada at halftime. The stadium lights went out and he entered the tunnel and had his name shouted by the fans in the stands.

One of Avaí’s idols, being the defender who most often wore the club’s shirt (271 matches), the now ex-athlete remains at Leão da Ilha, but with a position in the club’s youth categories.

Who did well: Bissoli

On loan from Athletico, Coxa’s great rival, Bissoli had an inspired night. In addition to positioning himself well inside the area, the striker also came out to serve his teammates, even making a beautiful back-heel pass at the beginning of the game. He conceded the second penalty and converted the first.

Who was bad: Henry

Coritiba’s defense made several mistakes in the match, allowing the home team to finish off. Henrique, for the penalty committed, is the worst on the field.

One chance on each side

The confrontation started off busy in Ressacada. Raniele hit a cross from the edge of the area, and Bissoli almost deflected it into the goal, at 2 minutes. The visitors’ response came three minutes later, in the table of Fabrício Daniel with Léo Gamalho, who finished for Douglas’ good defense.

avaí takes control

After the wide open start, the confrontation diminished in intensity and the Santa Catarina club dominated, keeping the ball more in the attacking field. Coxa seemed to accept what was proposed and its athletes positioned themselves in the defense, closing the middle and offering the sides to the opponent, but little coming out for the attack.

Despite this, Avaí had only two dangerous shots for goalkeeper Muralha in the initial stage. In the first, at 18, in Muriqui’s kick after Egídio’s cross. Then, at 29, when Morato took the ball on the right, he brought it to the middle and took a risk. The ball made a strange curve and forced the archer to palm for a corner.

Coritiba scores on the way back from the locker room

With only six minutes of ball rolling in the second half, Egídio, almost on the bottom line, took a chance on the goal and Douglas gave a rebound. Igor Paixão took advantage of the surplus and sent it to the back of the goal.

avaí answer fast

Two minutes later, Muriqui hit a beautiful shot, first time, and the ball hit the post. Despite not having scored the net, the move set the home team on fire, which had a penalty in the 14th minute.

Muriqui was taken down by Egidio after pulling a counterattack. Without hesitating, the referee placed the ball on the lime mark for Bissoli’s charge. The attacker kicked in the middle and, as Muralha jumped to the left, he left to celebrate the tie.

Turn comes in the second penalty

After a move from the right, Bissoli had the chance to hit, being stopped by Henrique in the first attempt. However, in the second, he was fouled inside the area and another penalty was awarded. Despite having made the first one, Bissoli let Muriqui hit this time and a colleague didn’t waste either. He put it on the left and Muralha wasn’t even in the picture.

Pottker enters and takes yellow

The striker entered the 32nd minute of the second half and, at 33rd, received the warning. In a strong and late arrival – without any need – in midfield, Pottlker received the yellow card.

next games

The two teams enter the field on Sunday (15), for the sixth round of the Brasileirão. Avaí welcomes Juventude at 6pm. Half an hour earlier, at 5:30 pm, Coxa will face América-MG, at Couto Pereira.

Before that, the people of Paraná have a commitment to the Copa do Brasil. On Thursday (12), at 9:30 pm, they visit Santos, in Vila Belmiro, for the return match of the third phase. As they won 1-0 in the first leg, alviverde plays for the tie to qualify for the round of 16.


Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – Fifth round
Date: May 9, 2022, Monday
Schedule: 8pm (from Brasilia)
Local: Ressacada Stadium, in Florianópolis (SC)
Referee: Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes (GO)
Assistants: Guilherme Dias Camilo (MG) and Cristhian Passos Sorence (GO)
VAR: Emerson de Almeida Ferreira (GO)
goals: Igor Paixão, at 6′ of the second half (COR); Bissoli, at 16′ of the second half (AVA); Muriqui, at 27′ of the second half (AVA)
Yellow cards: Jean Cleber, William Pottker, Jean Pierre (AVA); Henrique, Matheus Alexandre and Alef Manga (COR)
Public: 8,548 people
Income: BRL 257,997.00

HAWAII: Douglas; Kevin, Bressam, Arthur Chaves and Cortez; Raniele, Bruno Silva and Eduardo (Jean Pyerre); Muriqui (William Pottker), Morato (Renato) and Bissoli (Romulo). Technician: Eduardo Baroca

CORITIBA: Alex Muralha; Matheus Alexandre, Henrique, Luciano Castán and Egídio (Guilherme Biro); Willian Farias (Adrián Martínez), Andrey and Robinho (Régis); Igor Paixão, Fabricio Daniel (Alef Manga) and Léo Gamalho (Clayton). Technician: Gustavo Morínigo

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