The Batman has a forced romance despite the chemistry of the actors

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz star in a very lukewarm romance in The Batman. If anything saves the scenes between the two, it’s the chemistry of the actors and their iconic leather costumes, because if it was up to the script, the couple would have nothing to deliver.

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Ever since the actors were announced for the roles, fans have been building expectations to not only see them fight crime together, but also for a romance with memorable scenes.

But the relationship already starts in a wrong way, when the bat man sees Selina Kyle at the club when he goes to confront the Penguin. He realizes that the girl may have information on the bandit he is looking for and pursues her, discovering that she too has a secret identity and that she can help him in his quest.

She asks him for help to find her friend, although he accepts, there is a great lack of interest on the part of the hero for the girl’s problems. This is even more pronounced when she goes to the club with a camera in her contact lens and teams up with powerful men to try to get information out of them. Upon discovering information about her friend, she leaves the path traced by Batman, in view of this, he starts yelling at her to go back to his plan.

In addition to making it clear that he only cares about her goals, he even raises his voice to talk to her and try to persuade her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Another scene that shows that the hero is not very interested in Kyle’s problems is when she invites him to meet her on the roof and tells him that she is the daughter of mobster Falcone. He doesn’t seem to have much sympathy for what she reveals to him, and the scene only has a romantic aura as there is a beautiful sunset in the background. They are physically close, and the chemistry of the actors is real, but in the plot there was no reason to have a romance in the scene.

When Catwoman invites him to fight crime together and argues that the two have more in common than meets the eye given their difficult childhoods, Batman again shows nothing of vulnerability, other than a little emotion. He closes himself off to a relationship with her, as he has done throughout the film.

And when the woman finally takes action and kisses him, everything seems wrong. The hero doesn’t seem to react in the least to the kiss, and the conversation that precedes it is so lukewarm that there’s no chemistry between the two at that moment.
Yet Catwoman invites him to go out of town with her, and he once again refuses. So she leaves, and when it looks like he’s going to follow her on a motorcycle, he takes the opposite route.

If the writers intended a hot romance, they should have bet more on emotional interactions. We understand that Bruce Wayne is a traumatized man, but his lack of emotions towards Kyle causes the heroine to lose some of her personality, when she “runs after” a man who gives just the least – and sometimes not even that – of showing some romantic feeling for her.

Batman’s lack of sentimentality made the romance seem far-fetched and baseless, that no matter how much chemistry the actors have on stage, without a script prone to demonstrating it, the romance won’t work.

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