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One subject has monopolized the conversations in WhatsApp groups and coffee circles of corporate law lawyers: the Covid outbreak that would have been triggered by international events in the segment, this month, in São Paulo.

At least a dozen attendees were diagnosed with Covid days after the conferences, which took place last week at Hotel Unique. One of the events was organized by the International Bar Association (IBA) and brought together lawyers working in mergers and acquisitions; subsequently, the hotel also hosted two Latin Lawyer events.

Among those infected are Brazilian and foreign lawyers. At first, everyone is fine.

The congresses were the first major international meetings of professionals in the sector organized in Brazil since the beginning of the pandemic.


Covid cases turned on the yellow light of those who travel the world participating in corporate events. Some of the participants of the law congresses in São Paulo, by the way, are in New York this week for the Person of the Year, organized by the Brazil-United States Chamber of Commerce and which awarded Luiza Trajano on Monday.

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