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Residents who were at UBS Cruzeiro complained about the lack of clarity in the information

Residents who were at UBS Cruzeiro complained about the lack of clarity in the information (Photo: Carlos Queiroz – DP)

The tranquility and the little movement that had been marking the last weeks in the Basic Health Units (BHUs) of pellets apparently ended. Monday (09) was characterized by queues, high demand for Covid-19 tests and a series of complaints from the population.

The report by Dirio Popular covered some Sentinel Units – exclusively for patients with flu symptoms – and what he saw and heard was unanimous: intense movement, overloaded servers and countless people unable to access the service. At UBS Cruzeiro, around 4:00 pm, the people waiting in line to get to the window had just received the information that they would not be served, as they were no longer able to carry out the tests. Erika Marques was one of dozens of people awaiting testing. “I called the post in the morning and explained that I had contact with positives, but before 10:00 am I was already told that they were no longer doing the tests. I will be taken care of,” he reported.

Vanderson Silveira went to the UBS in the morning, but when he arrived at the place, the information was that the tests were no longer being carried out. He came back late and the scenario was the same. “No one was able to go in line and let us know about something. We don’t even have a way to prove at work that we were here,” he said, endorsed by everyone who stood in front of the building waiting for an answer. According to them, the nurse in charge was called, but appeared at the door and did not conclude the dialogue. Another employee was supposed to get in touch with the Municipal Health Department (SMS) and give a return, but he never showed up. The reporting team did not see any servers to try to contact.

At the Leocdia Unit, a worker said that since the middle of last week, the movement began to intensify, but this Monday it broke the record. “We had an average of 50 tests a day and today we carry out 137 tests, of which 35 are positive and we were unable to attend to everyone who came here”, she said. Another point highlighted by her is that recently the hired employees were not renewed. So, the staff went from seven to four workers. At the Salgado Filho Unit, the scenario is practically the same. It was not even 8 am and the line was already formed. Of the 113 tests performed, 34 were positive. “And a nurse from the SMS came to reinforce the care and even so, a lot of people left without taking the exam”, said a group of servers. As a result of the temporary contracts, one employee of Salgado Filho has already been terminated and there is a tendency for five more in the coming days.

What does the SMS say?

SMS guarantees that it is observing and monitoring the increase in demand for testing to verify the infection or not by Covid-19 in the Sentinel Units. According to the ministry, part of the difficulty encountered by the population in the search for forms for assistance during Monday, is related to specific problems with the teams that work in these places. “For this reason, SMS is already redeploying new professionals, in order to strengthen the workforce”, they stated.

Asked if the increase in the number of cases observed could be linked to the easing of the use of masks, the secretary of health, Roberta Paganini, believes that all this may be a reflection of the holidays in recent months. “Carnival is allied to the flexibility of measures to combat coronavirus and the fact that many people who have flu symptoms circulate on the streets without a mask and without carrying out isolation”, she added. Roberta also assumes that the closure of the Covid Center may be spilling over into this increase in demand for care. “The public that is looking for the tests, at this moment, has mild symptoms. Therefore, it is ideal to seek the Sentinel Units”, she said. Regarding the other service offered at the Covid Center, for the hospitalization of patients, the SMS holder reinforces that, at the moment, the municipality does not register a lack of beds. That is, all patients who need hospitalization are being supported.

UFPel alert

Last Friday, the Covid-19 Committee of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) issued a technical note with an alert about the return of the high transmissibility of the coronavirus. In addition to mentioning the effects of abandoning preventive measures, such as the use of masks, the researchers highlight the delay in the booster dose by many Pelotas, which jeopardizes the contagion situation.

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